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The Mages of the Gems [Part 1]

This story is copyrighted. Any attempt to copy either a scene, character, or powers involved will be against the law. [Yeah, i'm just crapping XD]. To Louise, I, uh, changed some of the names of the characs [actually, only one--from Alix to Lexa] hope u dun mind. Her full name's still Alexandria Field, though.


It was in the last evening. There were five figures seen resting under a shady tree. Jarda Corrae Skye, who prefered to be known by her last name, was one of the young fourteen year olds; she was the fiery one of the group, which was fitting, considering that she weilded the power of pyrokinesis and, at a lesser level, telekinesis. She was now sitting on the ground, petting her black wolf, Kio. Turning around, she glanced at her best friend, Shoe Westfern. 'Is the fire done yet?'

'Hold on,' Shoe shot back. Wondering again for the hundredth time what Shoe's name was short for, Skye got up and stretched her legs. 'If you can't do it, you could always ask for help.'

Shoe got to her feet. 'Okay. I'm asking.' She crossed her arms. Grinning, Skye got over to the small pile of wood and focused on her power. All of a sudden, a burst of fire came from nowhere, crackling merrily as though it'd been burning for quite a while.

'You, my dear, might be the keeper of the Booke of Magic,' Skye winked. 'But I am still the firestarter here. You should thank me.'

'And you, Skye, should thank Shoe for bringing you to Una in the first place,' a voice interrupted cheerily. Both looked up to see their other friends coming forward. There was Liora Ember, who was brought up in a non-magic community, but yet was the most gifted. She also had control over fire, but hers was a lesser control. Her healing powers and telepathy made up for it though.

Skye scowled. 'And what's that supposed to mean, Liora?'

Ellyn Rivers trudged down the small slope after Liora. 'She means, if Shoe hadn't brought you to her grandmother, you'd never found out that you're a Mage. If you didn't know you're a Mage, you couldn't possibly understand your fire power as well on your own. You owe Shoe.'

'Aha!' Shoe remarked triumphantly. Next to her, Andrea Oakley was smiling. 'Yeah, yeah, well, at least someone got the fire going.' She glanced at the night sky. It was dark. 'It looks like it'll be snowing soon.'

'Well,' Liora was busy stirring a pot of stew. 'Let's hope it won't last long.'


A young girl of fourteen looked out of her room. Outside, it was snowing, but she could still see the beautiful flowers that grew in the compound of her house. Piethir, they were called, in the language of the Rodar, but the plants were actually cherry blossoms. The girl smiled dreamily, but her expression froze as she caught sight of the small troop of horsemen riding up the hill to her house, which was at the top of the hill.

Grinning, the girl ran down the stairs as fast as she could, almost knocking her mother off her feet at the foot of the stairs.

'Heavens, child, you'll be the death of me someday!' her mother, Gwyn, exclaimed. 'Lexa,' this time in a sterner voice. 'Where do you think you are going?'

'Papa's back,' Lexa said quickly. 'I saw him coming, along with the Rodarin.'

'Really?' Lexa's twin brother, Leo said, coming from the kitchen. 'The Rodarin are back?'

Their mother smiled at their smiles. 'Go, then. Invite them in for a meal.' She gave a gentle push. The twins needed no more encouragement. They immediately ran out the front door just as their father, Siroc, dismounted from his horse.

'Lexa,' Siroc said, embracing his children. 'Leo! You've grown so tall.'

The twins grinned, but their attention was fixed on another behind their father. 'Amryn!'

Amryn of the Dell smiled as his niece and nephew ran to him, each wanting his undivided attention. He exchanged looks with his brother, and Siroc gave a small shrug.

'Amryn,' Leo said. 'How was the Ride of the Rodarin?'

'Enough of talking out here in the cold,' Gwyn had came out, wondering why the twins were taking so long. 'Please, enter. There's food and hot drinks waiting.'

'You heard that, Rodarin?' Amryn roared. 'Food--courtesy of our lord Siroc.'

All entered the house.

To be continued...

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