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The Mages of the Gems [Part 2]

Well, okay....couldn't really think how did Lexa meet the others so I'll leave that to Louise to figure it out....erm, the summary's kinda like this: Lexa meets the others on her fourteenth birthday (they're all the same age: fourteen) which falls on the twelfth of December, and she founds out she has powers.

Well actually, Lexa has three types of powers: she's telempathic (or empathic whichever you like. They're all about the same thing [feeling and manipulating feelings] though empathic's more on the feeling, not manipulating side); she also possesses the ability to control fire and she...can talk to rocks and minerals.

Yeah. Rocks and minerals. When Louise told me I actually did a double take but no matter, I'm cool with it. Since Leo's Lexa's twin, it should be right that he has powers as well, though not a Mage. He's more of the fighting kind, and I gave him three powers: the ability to shift through different personalities, control thermals (ice and fire) and he's telekinesis. Despite their powers, though, Lexa and Leo uses their telempathic and telekinesis (respectively) as their main power.

Try to see if you can find the connection between the twins and their powers. XD

Ellyn Rivers groaned. 'Where do we go from here?'

It was mid-morning, and the sun was shining down heavily on them, forcing the girls to shade their eyes whenever they tried to see down the road.

'Hold on,' Shoe Westfern took out the Booke and flipped it open. She studied the contents eagerly. 'Uh, there's a village just down the road. About half a klick. We can board at the inn there.'

Skye let out a whoop. 'Oh yeah! This girl's gonna sleep in a proper bed tonight.'

'Maybe,' The latest member of the group, Lexa Field, was grim. 'Maybe not.'

Liora raised an eyebrow. 'What does that mean, Lex?'

Lexa shrugged. 'It means I don't know.' She shook her head. 'I have a bad feeling about this. A very bad one.'

Andrea Oakley wasn't bothered. All she could think about was soft, warm beds, contary to the hard ground they've been sleeping on through bedding they'd laid on the ground. 'Look, Complexa, I don't know what's up with you, but I'm gonna get some sleep at the inn tonight. Feel free to join us.' With that, she linked arms with Skye and walked down the rest of the way.

Lexa scowled. 'Complexa? Now I know she hates me,' she said sarcastically. She folded her arms again. Shoe sighed. 'You were kinda hard on her.'

'What?' Lexa did a double take. 'Kinda hard on who? Face it. It's reality. I know what I felt. Deal with it.' She shot coldly.

Ellyn exchanged looks with Liora and Shoe. 'Well, that was harsh,' Ellyn said. Lexa scowled again, and lifted the hood of her calf-length navy long coat over her head. 'I am not the enemy here.'

'Yeah,' Liora said. Without a word, Lexa walked off after Skye and Andrea. Shoe was hesitant. 'Should we keep an eye on her?'

'Yes,' Ellyn said. 'Without a doubt.' She turned to her teammates. 'Do we tell Skye and Andrea?'

'No,' Liora said, looking at Lexa's retreating back. 'It doesn't matter.'

'Yes it does!' Andrea was shouting at the occupants of the table next to theirs when Liora, Shoe and Ellyn walked in. Skye was laughing, obviously in high spirits, while Lexa was sipping calmly from a mug of ale. She looked up when the three entered, before turning her attention back to the loaf of fresh bread on a platter in front of them.

Sitting down, Ellyn took the bread and broke a piece for herself. She jerked her head at Andrea. 'What's she shouting about?'

Skye laughed. 'Andrea had a bet with some guy that she could finish a mug of ale in less than 30 seconds. The bet was five gold pieces. The guy gulped his drink down in less than two minutes, and knowing Andrea, she didn't want to lose so...'

'She froze the whole inn and gulped the ale down before she unfroze them,' Lexa interjected quietly. Skye nodded at the looks of surprise on the others' faces. 'Well, she's demanding her gold but the guy said it didn't count. So now they're arguing.' Skye swung around in her seat to get a closer look at the argument.

Shoe was horrified. 'Skye,' she said in a hush whisper. 'Can she do that? I mean,' she looked at the others for support. 'Isn't there something like, oh, I don't know, Personal Gain?' she shot the last two words in an angry hiss.

'Chill,' Andrea said, coming over with five gold pieces. 'I've got it all covered. Innkeeper,' she said. 'Bring us some food.'

'Coming right up,' called the innkeeper, a jovial man named Horans. His wife, Kia, and his son Oairn served the food, laying plates of sweetmeats and cakes on the table, along with something Kia called Iremiris. 'I just made it,' she announced gaily. 'It's an old family recipe, given by my ancestors to travellers. Iremiris is good for the body, it is said, and for those who travel, it is--'

'--the best thing they could have,' Oairn finished his mother's sentence, grinning. Kia blushed before bustling back into the kitchen. Looking around, Oairn pulled up a stool and sat down beside Ellyn. 'You're a little young to be travelling alone, aren't you?'

It was now Ellyn's turn to blush. Oairn was actually quite good-looking but, regretfully, it was something she didn't need right now. Loira and Skye were smirking, while Shoe and Andrea exchanged looks. Lexa didn't look up. Even with her hood up, with her...friends? No, she correctly herself silently. She didn't have any friends. Comrades, then. It was less personal. With her comrades around her, she still felt vulnerable.

And it was hurting her. No, not the vulnerability. It was Oairn and Ellyn. Lexa winced quietly. Their flirting triggered something in her that was giving her migraines. Her telempathy was working up again, and she couldn't control it.

Liora was the first to notice. She glanced at Lexa. Lex, are you okay?

Yeah, Lexa replied back telepathically. It's just a soft migraine, nothing much---Ahh!

Liora shuddered as she felt the full impact of the migraine through their psionic link. For a while she got a sense of what Lexa had to endure everyday. Then she felt a soothing presence and the pain gradually lessened until it was completely gone. Lexa, however, was still in pain, and Liora figured she'd deliberately took away the pain from Liora and transferred it back to herself.

Lex, Liora tried again. Beside her, Shoe started to notice what was going on, and she reached out to hold Lexa's hand, but was stopped by a soft whisper. Please, Lexa said softly. No physical contact. I don't wanna hurt you.

Now Shoe and Liora were connected to Lexa by the psi-link. They sent comforting thoughts her way as she struggled against the pain. After a while she felt better. 'Thanks,' she whispered quietly, the link between the three of them broken. Then she felt it, an emotion she hadn't felt for more than a year.

A very familiar emotion.

Standing up abruptly, Lexa startled the whole table, including Oairn and Ellyn, who were busy flirting. 'I'm going out for some air,' she announced, walking out the door. Oairn glanced after her. 'Is she okay?'

'Yeah,' Skye hastened to reassure him. 'She's just got some problems on her mind right now.' She glanced out the door. 'She'll be fine.'

Outside, Lexa shivered in the night air, pulling her coat closer to her.


Hearing her name, Lexa turned around. There was only one person in the whole world who called her Lexi, and it wasn't a member of her family.

'Christophe?' Lexa breathed. There was a soft rustle, and a man walked out of the shadows. He was tall, and his hair was red brown, but his eyes were grey. He looked to be around eighteen years of age, four years older than Lexa.

Stepping forward, he stopped short when a lone falcon opened its mouth in a loud cry, before landing on Christophe's gloved hand. 'Hello, Anduin.' The falcon flapped its wings before taking off into the night. Christophe turned his attention back to Lexa, who was watching the falcon with such admiration.

'Anduin is lucky,' Lexa said finally. 'He goes wherever he wishes, beholden to none.'

'Beholden to me, you mean,' Christophe said, smiling softly. 'How have you been, Lexi?'

'Let's see,' Lexa said sarcastically. 'I'm alive, Leo's taken over the Rodarin and oh yeah, my parents are dead. How do you think I've been, Christophe? How?'

Christophe was strangely sympathetic.'Lexi, I know how you're feeling right now. But right now you have to listen to me.' He paused. 'Leave now. And don't come back. There's something wrong with this place as you've felt. Please, go.' He disappeared from view, leaving her curious about what was wrong.
Leave now. Christophe had said. Don't come back. But how could she resist? That night, determined to find some answers, Lexa walked into the town after dark, everywhere else as silent as the grave.

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