Sunday, 19 August 2007

The X-Men: The Future Generation [Part 11]

Previously on The X-Men: The Future Generation [Part 10]...

Then the stranger spoke, 'My name is Drew Perry. I'm from the future. And I'm here to help.'


Alix and Chris exchanged looks. Tia was confused. She was the first to react. 'How do we know this isn't a trick?'

Drew Perry looked hurt. You tell me, he voiced telepathically. Mom said you were smart. Figure it out.

Tia fumed. 'Who's your mom, kid?'

Drew sighed dramatically. 'I told you, I'm from the future,' he said again. 'I'm not even born yet.'
Alix and Chris were watching with interest, but the conversation was interrupted by a loud bang that echoed through the hallway. Alix peered out a window. 'They're breaking the door down,' she informed the others. 'We don't have time to waste.'

'Then, let's not waste any,' Chris remarked. 'Is everyone out?'

'Let me check,' Alix said quickly. Without waiting for an approval, she closed her eyes and called upon the mental map in her mind. She scanned the map, tracking down each signature blip that each boarder of the Mansion had. She opened her eyes after a while. 'They're all out. The labs and Sub-Levels are closed and shut down. The X-Men have taken the X-Jets, while the others took bikes, name it. Ari and Jay are leading everyone else to the safehouses.'

'In that case,' Tia remarked. 'We'd better get going.'

'Good idea,' Drew said. He was standing by a secret opening in the wall. 'After you.'

Alix shook her head. 'No, after you.'

'No, after you.'

'After you.'

'I said, after you!'

'And I said, I'm older here, so after you!' Alix gave him a shove, but she was laughing. The banging stopped, and the explosion that followed was so huge it shook the Mansion. Alix and Drew exchanged looks. 'After me,' they both said at once, trying to duck into the passageway at the same time, resulting in both of them knocking their heads together.

Tia sighed and walked towards them. She pulled both of them away and ducked in herself. 'Hey,' Alix didn't know whether to be angry or glad.

'Hold on,' Chris said. 'Let's buy us some time.' He focused on his hands. Two solid orbs appeared from nowhere. One was a fiery red, while the other was ice-blue. Closing his eyes, Chris combined them both into a multicolored fiery and icy orb. Drew was mesmerized. 'Ice and Fire,' he whispered in awe.

Grinning, Chris shot the orb out into the hallway, where it immediately formed into a physical barrier. Strands of electricity flowed through the barrier, crackling loudly. 'Okay,' Chris announced. 'Now we can go.'

P.S. Ok this time it's probably crappy coz I really couldn't wait to get to the part where another mutant from the future appears and they find out who Drew really is. But for those who've been reading, I guess u probably know already.

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