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The X-Men: The Future Generation [Part 12]

Previously on The X-Men: The Future Generation [Part 11]....

Summary: The Mansion is under attack but the person behind is not kown yet. Chris, Tia and Alix meet a stranger from the future, Drew Perry, who says he can help them. Who is the mysterious 18-year-old time-traveller?


Drew sat down on the window sill. All around him, people were walking around, discussing the latest events. How the peace and quiet of the past few days were shattered when the Mansion was broke in by God-Knows-Who, how to resolve it....Drew was getting quite sick of the whole thing.

They were in a very nice, very big house that belonged to Chris...and that Drew had grown up in. Closing his eyes, he relieved the memory from his past. The memory he'd always remember....


Year 2020, the Future.... [technically Drew's past]

Drew walked down the spiral staircase. The banister was decorated with streamers of all colours, and he winced. He was fifteen, for crying out loud. He was too old for banners.

But then he saw his mom. Alix Summers-Ashford, 5'10", still hot despite her age, carried a large cake into the dining room. She smiled when she saw him. 'Hey, Drew,' she gave him a hug. 'Happy fifiteenth.'

Drew grinned. 'Thanks mom.' His shirt was slightly opened at the neck, and Alix caught sight of the chain he wore. It was silver in colour, and it had a silver ring through it. Smiling, Alix took the ring and looked at it. She knew this ring. It was the ring Chris had given her on her eighteenth birthday, the first time he'd asked for her hand. They'd married a year later on October 1, the first day they met, which was also the same day Drew was born. They'd given him the ring as a covenant of their love. [Yes, I know, mushy love story over here, but hey, isn't that wat Min Yap and Megan wanted? *shrugs*]

Looking down, Drew saw what his mom had on her hand. 'Mom..' he started. Alix looked up and gave him a smile. 'Nothing, I was just...thinking. About what happened before we have you guys.' She patted his cheek and winced. Drew's senses immediately went on alert. 'Mom, are you okay?'

'Yeah,' Alix winced again. 'Nah, it's nothing. It's just another migraine. I'll be fine, okay?'

They were rudely interrupted by loud voices floating in from the garden, followed by several loud barks. Alix turned to her son. 'Don't tell your father about this, okay?' Drew nodded silently. 'I won't.'

'Good,' Alix said. 'Act surprised. Hey guys,' this was to the rest of the family who'd just came in. 'How was it?'

Chris, Drew's dad, dumped the things he'd been carrying on the nearest table top and gave his wife a peck on the cheek. 'Wonderful. We went to the shops, got some stuff for the party later on, and we're hungry.' He turned to Drew. 'Morning, son,' he tousled his hair. 'Happy fifteenth.'

'Thanks, Dad,' Drew grinned back. Chris knelt down to his son's eye level. 'Look, I know this is against the tradition of birthdays, but your mother and I wanted you to have this.' He held out a small package and gave it to Drew. 'Open it,' Chris suggested.

Eagerly, Drew ripped the package open. A small Zippo lighter fell onto his palm. He turned it around. There was a small inscription in silver finish: Angel.

Drew looked up. His parents had passed the legacy to him. Despite it didn't worth as much as a Rolex, it was the best present he could ask for. 'Thanks, Mom, Dad.'

'You're welcome,' Alix said. She looked at the three kids who were watching. 'Sorry for ignoring you, guys.'

'It's okay, Mom,' eight year old Lexa said, grinning. Chris let out a mock groan. 'Come, Peanut, let's go see what Mommy made for Drew.'

'I'm coming too,' Leo, Lexa's younger twin brother said firmly. Chris and Alix exchanged looks. 'Of course you're coming, Cub,' Chris said affectionally, using Leo's nickname, Lion Cub.

Alix had to smile. 'Come on,' she led Drew and her other son, Barry, who was a year younger than his big brother, into the kitchen. The table was filled with Drew's favourite foods, but the cake was given the place of honor. Everyone waited until Drew had cut the cake before giving him his presents.

The twins gave him a very nice watch [Drew wondered where they got enough money for something so expensive until he saw his mom laughing, and figured she'd probably sponsored a bit, okay, a lot for his gift.] Barry got him a T-Board that Drew always wanted to try out. 'Thanks, bro,' Drew said, bumping fists with his brother. Barry nodded. 'No prob, man.'

Drew looked at his parents. They were definitely hiding something. He sighed. 'Okay. What's going on?'

'Going on?' Chris and Alix blinked. 'We don't understand.'

'Puh-leaze,' Drew scoffed. 'I'm telempathic too, you know.'

'Hah,' Alix tried to tousled his hair but her son ducked out from her reach. 'Come on,' Drew whined. 'What's up?'

Chris held up a hand. He was holding a comlink, similar to the one he and Alix wore on their right hand middle finger. Drew took it. 'So? Dad, I already have one.'

'No this one,' Alix said. 'Your father spent the night trying to install a certain chip in this thing.' Drew's heart leaped. 'You mean--?'

'Yeah,' Chris nodded. 'You're now welcome to fly the Horizon whenever you want, son.'

'Cool!' Leo burst out. He turned to his big brother. 'Can we go for a ride now? Please....'

'Yeah,' Lexa joined in. 'Please...'

Drew stole a glance at his parents before facing his siblings. 'Why not?'


Drew chuckled softly at the memory.

'Thinking back?' said a voice. Drew turned around, and found himself face-to-face with Alix Summers. Mom, a small voice inside of him said. Instead, Drew forced himself to remain passive. 'Just thinking. Is that a crime?' he sounded bitter, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

To his surprise, his mom looked stung by the comment. 'You don't have to act that way, you know,' she chided, still hurt. 'You can't hide anything from me.'

'Wanna bet?'

'Hey,' Chris came forward. Dad, Drew's inner voice said excitedly. 'Don't speak to her that way,' Chris continued. 'Apologize.'

'No, Chris, it's okay,' Alix looked at him. 'Drew?'

'Whatever, alright,' Drew got up and walked off. But not before Alix and Chris caught sight of the chain around his neck. It had a silver ring through it, the ring that Chris had used to propose to Alix on her eighteenth birthday. Exchanging looks, Alix's hand dipped into her shirt, and took out the exact same ring she wore on the exact same chain.

P.S. Hold you guys like it. Spent the whole day figuring out the whole plot.

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