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The Spyz Agents: Kelstorm Academy Student Profiles

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To put it in summary, basically, you mess with my stuff, or you even breathe on my stuff without my permission, you die.

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P.S. All the said persons below are freaking intelligence. That's why most of them have Ph.D's. Well actually it's not coz they're smart; it's coz they're forced to take the subjects.


Spyz: Samantha De Hercules Conqueta

ID-Class: USS-CI-2300997
Codename: Undertaker
Password: Brutus

Current Status: Tech

Alias: Megan Wallace
Height: 5'8" (1.73m)
Weight: 124
Present Location: United States of America
Date of Birth: February 6

Place of Birth: Fleury, Normandy, France
Characteristics: Photographic memory, horse-sign on left side of the forehead.
Training/Special Skills: Engineering, Physics, Inventing, Chemistry.
Languages: English (various dialects), Japanese, Spanish, German and Chinese.
Education: Computer Science.
Courses: Ecology, Psychology.

School: Kelstorm College.

Experience: Recruited during her twelfth year.

Elite Team Name: Code X

House of: Ian Fleming

Contact E-mail Address:

E-password: PIONEER Age: 20

Hair color: Blonde Hair length: Short and curly

Eye Color: Blue Glasses: Yes__No__

Agent name: Vivian F. Spencer

Personal Weapons: Being the team’s resident technician, Sam doesn’t really have any weapons, unless you count hundreds of gigabytes of software and a couple of computers tools of mass destruction.

Shooting Range: Sam doesn’t really fancy shooting bad guys, preferring to let her friends to the dirty work while she exercised her brains. Even so, on one occasion she was seen to have shot a guy point blank from 800 yards away, shocking her friends when they realized it was her first time shooting. Has a serious phobia about guns.

Known relatives: George and Susan De Hercules Conqueta (father and mother), Charles and Edward (brothers), Victoria and Andrew Wills (sister and brother-in-law), Cavanaugh and Florence De Hercules Conqueta (paternal grandparents), Xavier and Evelyn Horace (maternal grandparents), Edmond Horace (uncle).

Personality: Smart and good at making inventions. Has a photographic memory. She keeps in shape by going to the gym. Although she can be sarcastic at times, she is a useful asset to the team.

History: Sam first joined Spyz when she was twelve. Not fully understanding her freaky but pleasantly surprising ability to remember things, her parents received a letter one day from a person saying that she was the headmistress of one particular private boarding school, Kelstorm Academy, and that she would like to enroll Sam in it. Seeing that Sam’s talents would be otherwise wasted in a normal school, Mr. and Mrs. Hercules De Conqueta decided to send her there.

She was surprised when she entered the school just to be informed that she was recruited as a spy. From then, she began her life going through the roadblocks into becoming a spy.

While passing by a gizmo lab one day, Sam was fascinated by the gadgets that the researchers were making. Due to her photographic memory, she could piece together some of the gadgets the researchers had made. Professor Elmore Grant, a spy who had turned researcher, discovered her talent. It was he who determined which teenager would be recruited, and he decided to be Sam’s mentor. Instead of going to classes, Sam would spend her days in Prof. Grant’s lab as he taught her scientific formulas.

One of the first few friends Sam made there was Danika Rey, who soon became her best friend. Their group expanded when Taylor Ashford joined Spyz, cheeky, but with a good soul. Set on becoming a researcher one day, Sam soon began inventing gadgets for Danika and Taylor to use during missions, as the two of them were aiming for a seat in the elite team of Spyz.

Their group was ready for action when three others joined: Daniel Rivers, who was a novice spy trainer, and likes Danika; Jensen Walsh, who was great friends with Sam, and Marcus Fitzpatrick, whom Taylor openly disliked because of his immature attitude.

After going rogue on the DeSoto case, Marcus and Jensen were officially off the team. During the Jay Pascal case, though, two others replaced them: Nathaniel Warrick Kerensky, their Russian contact despite being the son of the czar of the East Coast Russian mob, Danika’s friend; and Brodie Sparks, a fiery youth with limited knowledge of crime. Later, their team was ready to go elite when Brotherhood Handler Chris Perry joined the team.


‘Samantha is a highly intelligent young lady. She could invent any gadget you wish. But she shouldn’t always be shut in the lab. She could use some field work.’
Professor Ian Phelps

‘Sam’s a nice person to work with. Sarcastic, yes, but despite all of that, you can always count on her to complete a job.’
Danika Rey, best friend and Captain of Elite Team Code X

‘Sam can be describe best by one word: sarcastic!’
Channing Walsh, friend


Taylor Alexzandria Ashford

ID-Class: USS-CI-2300999

Codename: (Current) Evergreen, (Former) Silencer, Mountaineer, Shadowfox, Wildcard
Password: Phoenix

Current Status: Sharpshooter/Sometimes Courier/Normal member

Alias: Lexa Pierce, Taylor James, Alix Tyler, Riley Manning, Taylor Perry
Height: 5'10" (1.78m)
Weight: 126
Present Location: United States of America
Date of Birth: December 12

Place of Birth: St. Petersburg, Russia
Characteristics: Molar extraction, able to stand both physical and mental pain for several hours, slight deafness in right ear (cured), is ambidextrous, has low latent inhibition.
Training/Special Skills: Krav Maga, track and field, Pilates, Linguistics, Theatre Arts, electromagnetic lock picking, black belt in tae kwon doe and karate, computer hacking, cryptology, Kendo, Ancient Studies.
Languages: English (various dialects), French, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Russian, German, Korean, Hungarian, Spanish, Irish, Israeli and Chinese.
Education: Master in Forensic Science, Master in Forensic Photography, a PhD in anthropology. Master’s Degree in Criminology, PhD in Linguistics.

Courses: Ancient Studies, Myths and Legends and Astronomy.

School: Kelstorm College, University of St. Petersburg.

Experience: Recruited fall of her ninth year.

Elite Team Name: Code X.

House of: Ian Fleming

Contact E-mail Address:

E-password: Semper Age: 18

Hair color: Auburn Hair length: Below shoulder

Eye color: Royal blue Glasses: Yes__No__

Agent Name: -

Personal Weapons: Mainly her pair of Sais and her martial arts technique, but she is known to have been one hell of a knife-thrower. Carries a whole bunch of specially customized silver knives wherever she goes, somehow managing to get them past airport security and metal detectors. She’s also known to have a whole arsenal of weapons, but her trust-worthy bolt action Beretta 501 sniper rifle remains her favorite for sniper duties.

Shooting Range: Maximum said to be around 1300-1500 yards.

Known relatives: Nicholas Ashford (father), Alexzandria ‘Alix’ James (mother, deceased), Drew, Barry and Leo Ashford (brothers), Jules Ashford (sister), Raphael and Alice Kedrinsky (maternal grandparents, deceased), Alexander Ivanov and Marie Feodorovna (paternal grandparents).

Personality: Active and smart. Her observation skills are honed to a razor sharp edge and her deductive reasoning is just as good. To keep physically fit, she took up sports, but her favorites are baseball and soccer. She sometimes uses psychology on her suspects to force the truth out of them. She also likes to do magic, taught by her brother Barry, a world-class magician. Snowboarding and photography are also some of her interests. Absolutely hates psychology, due to the fact that her father used it against her when she was a child.

History: Taylor (whose real name was Lexa Ivanov before she changed her name) was born with a hearing deficiency that was only cured when she was six. At that time, Lexa met Mikhail and Dimitri, sons of Katya Pavlovich, who was Alix James’s contact. She was very close to both of them, who were like a second pair of brothers to her.

Her parents met when they were both sent by their own agencies to find Victor Graham, who was an informant for agencies including Spyz, for whom Nicholas was a secret agent, and The Brotherhood of Wolf, whom Alix was working for. Things got complicated when they found out that Victor Graham was selling both Spyz and the Brotherhood’s secrets to their archrival, Boris Clayton, also known as the mastermind behind the notorious organization. They were forced to eliminate him. Alix and Nicholas were both sharpshooters for their agencies who would not hesitate to kill, making them top assassins for the job.

Nicholas and Alix taught their children everything they needed to know. When the holidays came, they sent the kids to a mountain dojo known as Blue Bolt Institute, where the children were taught self-defense tactics by Instructor Kitaro, who was a known martial-arts expert.

When Lexa was eight, Alix died, murdered brutally by a man named Victor Graham. Alix was only 33 then. Since her death, Lexa stopped taking responsibility for everything, acting like a rebel, laidback and uncaring. Nicholas had been called away for a mission in Korea, so Lexa’s eldest brother and sister, Andrei and Emma, later to be known as Drew and Jules, acted as her parents instead. She changed her name to Taylor Ashford when she joined Spyz to keep her anonymity, the surname taken from her father’s American name, keeping her middle name as Alexzandria, after her mother’s name and her real name, Lexa. Her brothers and sister soon followed.

It was not only when Nicholas came back from Korea that he found out about his wife’s death. He was so heart-broken that he left the agency, but due to circumstances, he came back again. Later, Taylor had been chosen to be a second test subject in Project Alpha. To prevent this, Taylor’s grandfather, Raphael Kedrinsky, who knew about his daughter and son-in-law’s previous involvement with Spyz, decided to send Taylor to the agency to learn survivor skills. Raphael later passed away due to a car accident.

This decision was politely disagreed by General Alexander Ivanov, Nicholas’s father. The Ivanovs were proud direct Romanov descendants, and the General, ex-KGB, head of Foreign Intelligence, was the 2nd or 3rd most important man in Russia after the President. Just because he had his disagreements about the marriage of their children it didn’t mean he didn’t care. He wanted Taylor to lead a normal life, unlike her brothers and sister, who had joined the Brotherhood, but ended up quitting several years later. Even so, Raphael got his way in the end, helped by his good friend Aurora Orion, chairwoman of Spyz.

When Taylor first arrived at Spyz, she was the talk of all the teachers. Although Raphael had referred to her as a laidback rebel, the Spyz professors found that she had a bright future as a spy, and placed her in a group including members Danika Rey and Sam De Hercules Conqueta.

Although, with all the males in her house, Taylor finds it easier hanging out with boys than girls, she desperately needed girl friends to talk with other than her sister. Danika and Sam fitted the description, and they were inseparable after that.

When Spyz novices Daniel Rivers, Jensen Walsh, and Marcus Fitzpatrick joined the team, Taylor had a fleeting moment that everything was perfect. It was far from it. Somehow, Jensen and Marcus went rogue on the DeSoto case, where they were supposed to bust the doings of a black market, but got enticed by the rewards waiting if they would join the service of the Black Knight, a member of the B.O.D. under the control of the mastermind behind the black market dealings. Because of this, Taylor, Danika, Sam and Daniel had to sweep up the pieces after them. Literally.

Angry at the humiliation brought on the team, Taylor officially declared that Marcus and Jensen were no longer with them, especially when he shot an innocent man in front of her. Her feelings were hurt once; twice was too much. After that, she became cold and guarded to all but her family and friends, and it was because of that incident that her trust issues grew.

Later she met again with Chris Perry, who seemed to the rest of the team members to be rather enigmatic, as no one knew who he really was, and what his job was. As case after case is piled onto the members of Code X, the secrets that Chris has been keeping for so long are slowly beginning to unravel.

Quote Danika, “You always fall for the bad guy! Let’s not get started on it.”


‘Taylor Ashford is cold and lethal. She is the combination of both her parents, and has obviously inherited their habit of killing in cold blood. If this keeps going on, she could be thrown off the elite team.’
Nero Wolfe, Senior Representative of the Council

‘Taylor has been through many traumatizing things in her life; that’s why she’s acting all cold and guarded. But she’s actually very fragile; she’s not as strong as she thinks she is.’
Danika Rey, close friend

‘Taylor’s a top student in Blue Bolt Institute. If she wasn’t accepted into Spyz, she’d probably be working for the Brotherhood, or—God forbid—the KGB.’
Mick Ricky, Spyz astronomer

‘Taylor’s good—too good. She has the Romanov blue eyes, Nicholas’s smile, Alexandria’s chin, and her grandmother’s hands. But she also inherited her stubborn streak from her grandfather, General Alexander Ivanov. She’s a pure Russian through and through. She’s good and she’s beautiful, and that’s what makes her dangerous.’
Instructor Kitaro, Blue Bolt Institute Master

‘Taylor…the thing about Taylor is, she’s a loner. She takes what she wants, when she wants, beholden to none. She has a problem with authority. She believes in loyalty and trust. Especially trust. She’s the type of person who really doesn’t care. Either you like her, or you don’t.’
Samantha de Hercules Conqueta, close friend


Spyz: Danika Rey

ID-Class: USS-CI-2300993
Profile: REY, DANIKA
Codename: Blazing Star, Ace, Rey
Pass phrase: I am a medjai of the east, seeking what is lost.
Reply: I am a warrior of the west, is it I whom you seek.

Current Status: Team Captain

Alias: Danielle Sterling

Height: 5'7" (1.70m)
Weight: 122
Present Location: United States of America
Date of Birth: April 13

Place of Birth: Napanee, Ontario, Canada
Characteristics: Scar on left elbow due to Frisbee injury, birthmark in shape of five-point star on left shoulder.
Training/Special Skills: Track and field, Pilates, Linguistics, Theatre Arts, electromagnetic lock picking, black belt in martial arts, computer hacking, expert skier, avid stuntwoman, pro pianist.
Languages: English (various dialects), French, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Vietnamese, Swedish, Spanish, and Chinese.
Education: Master in Forensic Science, graduate of Kelstorm Academy.
Courses: Bio-reconstruction, genetic mutation, medicine, virology.

School: Kelstorm College.

Experience: Recruited early summer of her eleventh year, Project International Heist.

Elite Team Name: Code X

House of: Ian Fleming

Contact E-mail Address:

E-password: Kai3li4 Age: 19

Hair color: Deep brown Hair Length: Below shoulder

Eye color: Deep brown Glasses: Yes__No__

Agent Name: Cayden Rowan

Personal Weapons: Being easily the best martial artist Spyz has ever seen, Danika hardly needs a weapon. What for, when her body could probably do more damage than a .22 caliber bullet can? But when she’s in serious need of a weapon, she usually grabs anything within reach. On more than one occasion she has the habit of grabbing one of Taylor’s sais while the latter’s in the middle of a fight, usually causing her friend to lose momentum momentarily just to knock out a bad guy or two, but always managing to return the weapon just at the right moment. Does this girl have a freaking good sense of predictability or what?

Shooting Range: When Danika joined Spyz she was at first part of an assassination program, which was where she met Nathan Kerensky. As the Sniper Target Elimination Program’s (STEP) minimum shooting range is above 600 yards, it is safe to assume that Danika can shoot until 1200-1300 yards, since she once said that she’s never been able to beat Taylor’s range of 1300 (or so) yards. She beat Nate’s range by a hundred yards.

Known relatives: Ivan and Natalie Rey (parents), Hayley Rey (sister), Bradley Rey (brother), Jared Presley (brother-in-law), Vincent and Joanna Rey (grandparents), Cole Turner and Patricia Rey (uncle and aunt), Alex, Brenda and Will Turner (cousins).

Personality: Good at drawing. Has a good mind of how crime works. Depends on logic, and sometimes psychology, to deduce her theories. She values friendship very much, and she’d do anything for friends. She’s currently set on becoming a member of the elite team.

History: Danika’s parents were both scientists. It was then that she started having hopes of becoming a scientist, and she trained herself to use logical explanations, and started shaping up her observation skills.

One day, after winning the prize for successfully solving a tough mystery, Danika received a letter from a private boarding school by the name of Kelstorm Academy requesting that she enroll herself there. As her parents were away most of the time doing research, bringing her elder sister, Hayley along with them, they agreed to let her be enrolled there, since her brother Bradley was accepted to Harvard Law, and there would be no one at home anyway.

When Danika stepped into the school, she was blown away. Agents were training in every room. After enrolling herself, she was introduced to Channing, a senior, who was aiming for the elite team. It was Channing who first introduced Danika to danger, and how to face it. She taught Danika the kind of self-defense the age-old kung fu masters used in olden China, and surprisingly, Danika found herself acing the class. It was fun, and she could protect herself at the same time, so why not? She eventually got a black belt in martial arts.

After a while, Channing graduated with flying colors. Later, she was introduced to Spyz Headquarters, where she became a fully-fledged spy. Meanwhile, Danika made it to the elite level after graduating in STEP, the school’s resident Sniper Target Elimination Program, but she needed a team of seven to qualify. She then made friends with Samantha De Hercules Conqueta, a nice but sarcastic girl with a photographic memory. Later, who else better to balance out Sam’s sarcasm and Danika’s deadly serious conduct but Taylor Ashford with her cheeky, don’t-care attitude and cold manners? Although Taylor hangs out better with boys, she loves her best friends as though they were soul sisters.

Later, the team expanded when three boys joined the girls, staring Daniel Rivers, a nice guy who wants to be a spy trainer; Jensen Walsh, a person with high goals in life; and Marcus Fitzpatrick, who joined just because he didn’t have a choice.

At first they got along quite nicely, but for some reason, when Jensen and Marcus were assigned to the DeSoto case, they were tempted by rewards given to them by the Black Knight, a member of the council of the mastermind behind the dealings of a notorious black market. When Spyz chairman Aurora Orion found out about this, she decided to let them leave with a small amount of what remained of their dignity by getting them to resign.

Being the only boy on the team was hard for Daniel, but he soon realized that Danika and the others were not what he’d expected. He was quite taken with them, and as time grew, he started liking Danika. Unknown to him, she liked him too. But they never told each other.

Danika was now on the way to becoming a member of the elite after the success of the Jay Pascal case, where they celebrated, not only the outcome of the case, but also of their new teammates.

Even so, she has always had a firm friend in Nathaniel Warrick Kerensky, an old friend from STEP, whom she’d bumped into after some time in the Jay Pascal case, who had been recruited specially as Field Handler for the case. Though Daniel Rivers and Brodie Sparks have their suspicions about him, they have now reconciled the fact that he’s a member of the team.


‘Special Agent Rey is good at what she does. She doesn’t take too lightly about receiving orders, but she’ll tolerate them, if only for the greater good.’
Greg Carson, Mission Controller

‘Danika’s good; she’s very professional. Though she has a bright personality, Danika blows when least expected, and she can be deadly serious…that’s deadly and serious.’
Daniel Rivers, friend

‘Special Agent Rey deserves to be elected team captain. She thinks outside the box, and is always innovative and motivated.’
Professor John Condake

‘Danika is cool. She knows a lot about what we do, and that’s a plus. She’s also a very good leader, knowing how to juggle her duty as captain in between keeping all of us safe. She’s cool.’

Taylor Ashford, close friend


Spyz: Nathaniel Warrick Kerensky

ID-Class: USS-CI-2301007
Codename: Outrigger
Password: Magnum

Current Status: Field Handler

Alias: Horatio Matlack
Height: 5'10" (1.78m)
Weight: 139
Present Location: United States of America
Date of Birth: July 31

Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia
Characteristics: Scar on left arm, fractured kneecaps, faint Russian accent.
Training/Special Skills: Krav Maga, track and field, Pilates, Linguistics, Theatre Arts, electromagnetic lock picking, black belt in tae kwon doe and karate, computer hacking, pro sportsman, extreme stuntman, musician.
Languages: English, French, Greek, Italian, Russian and Spanish.
Education: Master in Forensic Science, Doctorate.

Courses: Psychology.

School: Yale/Kelstorm College.

Experience: Recruited fall of his twentieth year.

Elite Team Name: Code X

House of: Ian Fleming

Contact E-mail Address:

E-password: Chronicles Age: 21

Hair color: Brown Hair length: Short

Eye color: Blue Glasses: Yes__No__

Agent Name: Dorian Grey

Personal Weapons: None, but when you’re a black belt in tae kwon do and karate, you hardly need any weapons, do you? Even so, he carries around an eight-inch serrated knife just in case.

Shooting Range: Being a member of STEP (as I’ve said countless times in Danika’s profile already), Nathan’s maximum shooting range is 1200 yards. Evidence for this observation can be seen at Danika Rey’s profile.

Known relatives: Ivan Kerensky Jr. (father), Amanda Maxwell (mother, deceased), Lincoln Kane (brother), Colleen Johnson (sister-in-law, deceased), Jessica Harlan (cousin), Ivan Kerensky Sr. (grandfather), Lawrence Harlan (uncle), Cassian Kerensky (brother), Brandon Kane (nephew), Simon Daffyd (charge).

Personality: Preferring to be known as Nathan, Nathaniel Warrick Kerensky might be described as a perfectionist. He doesn’t quit on a job until it’s done accordingly. He’s good with guns, and he doesn’t take too kindly on being bossed around. Even so, he’s a natural leader, and he’s always calm and unruffled, no matter how gory the scene.

He has a rep in the crime world. His father is the czar of the entire East Coast Russian mob, and his uncle used to be an international anything-you-want: terrorist, drug dealer, you name it, he’s got it. It is this “family fame” that made Nathan known in the Underground as a tae kwon do black belt, and someone not be to antagonize.

History: Nathan’s mother died when he was fourteen years old, and, being the son of Ivan Kerensky, czar of the East Coast Russian mob, things didn’t turn out too well for him.

He met Danika Rey when he was 15, and she was just two years younger than him. They were living in different neighborhoods, different circles, that it seemed impossible to meet her. But Fate intervened (yes, I’m being super drama) and both met when they signed up for STEP, the Sniper Target Elimination Program hosted by Spyz. Both of them clicked instantly. Even at that young age, he sensed that Danika was different from others girls he’d seen before, protective of her family and friends.

When Nathan was sixteen, the FBI arrested his father. Ivan Kerensky Junior was taken into custody in federal prison, and Nate was sent to live with his grandfather, Ivan Kerensky Senior, for a brief time in his estate. When he was sixteen, Kerensky Senior, who was now the main stockholder in Harlan Enterprises, gave him his very own penthouse, a superb pair of shotguns, some land, and a Corvette to start with. Nathan soon became the old man’s favorite grandson, probably because they were close.

Nathan graduated with a Master in Forensic Science, but was forced to take his father’s place when he came of age. Even so, he has always tried to avoid illegal business deals.

He bumped into Danika Rey again during the Jay Pascal case, where he was recruited as Field Handler for the team.


‘Despite him being the son of Mafia King, Nathan isn’t snobbish or anything. It’s like he’s running from his own identity, refusing to accept the fact that he comes from a line of perps, and that he’s trying to repay their debts to society.’
Mitchell Aidan, fellow Spyz Agent

‘Nathan’s cool. He’s a very good Field Handler. But I think he’s kind of moody sometimes, thinking about his dad, maybe?’
Brodie Sparks, friend

‘Nathaniel Warrick Kerensky is one of a kind. He may not be as highly trained as many of the others, but he makes up for that by uniting the team together, and helping various members of the agency, regardless of who they are.’
Aurora Desantis Orion, Chairperson


Daniel Anselm Rivers

ID-Class: USS-CI-2301000
Codename: Spellbreaker
Password: Rowan Sprit

Current Status: Normal member/Backup tech

Alias: Rowan Geoffrey
Height: 5'9" (1.75m)
Weight: 138
Present Location: United States of America
Date of Birth: January 1

Place of Birth: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA
Characteristics: Scald mark on left wrist, small birthmark by the neck.
Training/Special Skills: Krav Maga, track and field, Pilates, Linguistics, Theatre Arts, black belt in karate, computer hacking, computer expert, good chess player.
Languages: English (various dialects), French, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Hebrew, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Spanish, and Chinese.
Education: Masters in Forensic Science.
Courses: Virology, bio-reconstruction, genetic mutation, technology.

School: Kelstorm College.

Experience: Recruited spring of his sixteenth year, Operation Deep Sea Blue

Elite Team Name: Code X

House of: Ian Fleming

Contact Email Address:

E-password: Rowan Sprit Age: 19

Hair color: Black Hair length: Short

Eye color: Dark brown Glasses: Yes__No__

Agent Name: Damien Alastor

Personal Weapons: None. He doesn’t need weapons. All he has to do is whack some baddie out, and wait for his friends to finish the job for him. Lucky guy.

Shooting Range: Daniel doesn’t bother with that. He leaves the shooting to Taylor and Chris, preferring to stay behind the sidelines. He once said that he could equal Sam’s feat of 800 yards, but this theory has until today not been confirmed.

Known relatives: Fenton and Marissa Rivers (parents), Russell and Darryl Rivers (brothers), Nicole Rivers (sister).

Personality: He’s a heavy flirter, but he rarely succeeds. Kind of lazy too, but he’s clever. He’s a natural actor and comedian.

History: Daniel wanted to be a spy trainer as long as he could remember. When his letter from Kelstorm Academy came, it was like a dream come true. He accepted the challenge eagerly.

There, he met with boys his age: Jensen Walsh and Marcus Fitzpatrick. Later, they were assigned to join a team of three girls: Danika Rey, Sam De Hercules Conqueta, and Taylor Ashford. Daniel grinned, liking his new partners at once.

During all the missions, Daniel has always been trying to get Danika’s attention, and he flirts with her the most. He liked her. A lot.

When his pals Jensen and Marcus went rogue in the DeSoto case, he was shocked to find that he was the only guy left. Although the girls were nice to him, he still yearned for guy fellowship. This fellowship came in the form of Nathaniel Warrick Kerensky, Danika’s friend, whom he’d met during the Jay Pascal case, and Brodie Sparks, the young recruit he was supposed to train. Nathaniel and Daniel have grown very close, and now, Daniel is finally happy that he has another man on the team to back him up, even though he was wary towards Nathan in the beginning after hearing stories about him from Danika.


‘Daniel is a good friend and asset to the team. His skills in technology come in handy sometimes. Not to mention the fact that he’s not bad-looking, either.’
Danika Rey, friend

‘Special Agent Rivers is a rising star. Under my training (and that of other Spyz veterans), he has managed to achieve the expectations of a highly respected trainer—Diego Rodriguez.’
Coach Keenan Dyson, Spyz trainer


Brodie Sparks

ID-Class: USS-CI-2301005
Codename: Rifle
Password: Planet Shakers

Current Status: Normal member, (former) Probationary officer.

Alias: Patrick Sullivan
Height: 5'4" (1.63m)
Weight: 110
Present Location: United States of America
Date of Birth: July 7

Place of Birth: Galway, Ireland
Characteristics: Irish accent, knee fractures, birthmark near right temple.
Training/Special Skills: Blue belt in karate, computer hacking.
Languages: English (various dialects), Irish, Spanish and mild Chinese.
Education: Graduate of Kelstorm Academy.
Courses: Forensic Science.

School: Kelstorm College.

Experience: Recruited in his twelfth year.

Elite Team Name: Code X

House of: Ian Fleming

Contact Email Address:

E-password: AJ Age: 17

Hair color: Red Hair length: Short

Eye color: Green Glasses: Yes__No__

Agent Name: Brandon Kane

Known relatives: Michael and Gwen Sparks (parents), Horace Sparks (brother), Jordan Sparks (elder sister), Patricia Sparks (adopted sister), Keith and Hilary Sparks (grandparents).

Personality: He has a limited knowledge of how crime works, and therefore quite illogical. Believes that ghosts exist and is extremely superstitious. Being Irish, he utterly believes in leprechauns and banshees. Limited knowledge of defense tactics but has a bubbly nature. Has a remarkable imagination. Loves to fool around. Loves to go by the book.

History: Brodie was born in the countryside in Ireland. He was educated in the old ways, and like the rest of his family, he believes in ghosts and fairy folk.

He had a growth problem when he was younger, making him the shorter than he was supposed to be. Even though he’s seventeen, his height is the height of a sixteen year old, making him both the youngest and shortest member of the team.

When a relative offered to bring him to America, where he was born, Brodie jumped at the chance. He was twelve then. He was supposed to go to a public school, but the said relative, who was leaving America by then, decided to put him into a boarding school, namely Kelstorm Academy, where he studied for four years until Spyz Chairwoman Aurora Orion picked him up, and passed him to Spyz agent Daniel Rivers to be more advanced trained. Being a probie, Brodie wasn’t allowed to join in any of the major operations, but he usually finds himself in the middle of it, although he isn’t too fond of danger.

Somehow, Brodie found himself assisting the team on the Jay Pascal case. By taking the credit for Chris Perry’s work during the case, he made a name for himself amongst the other probationary officers, but although he got busted in the end, he was still highly regarded as part of the elite.


‘Many people underestimate him because he is short. But what they don’t know is that Brodie’s pretty good for a new recruit.’
Daniel Rivers, trainer-in-training

‘Brodie is on the way to becoming a good agent, but he needs to work on his teamwork abilities. He tends to take credit for what the others have done. If this keeps up, pretty soon Brodie will be transferred to another team.’
Professor Ian Phelps


Christien Andreas Perry
ID-Class: USS-CI-2301047
Codename: Argent, Pioneer, Riesling, Quicksilver.
Password: Seraph

Current Status: Brotherhood Handler/Sharpshooter

Security Clearance: Level 9

Alias: Christien Perry, Christophe, St. Aidan, Sirch, the Familiar Stranger.
Height: 6'1½" (1.87m)
Weight: 145

Current Location: United States of America

Date of Birth: August 3

Place of Birth: St. Petersburg, Russia
Characteristics: Scar on right knee due to soccer injury, knife wound on right shoulder, able to stand both physical and mental pain for several hours, a three-quarter circle with two short lines and a small circle at the right arm, is ambidextrous.

Training/Special Skills: Krav Maga, track and field, Pilates, Linguistics, Theatre Arts, electromagnetic lock picking, black belt in tae kwon doe and karate, computer hacking, cryptology, Ancient Studies, experienced battle tactician, strategist, excellent marksman with guns, trained as a ninja samurai for several years. Despite his young age, he is a master in multiple forms of martial arts, weapons, and vehicles. He is also a trained expert in computers, explosives, and assassination techniques.
Languages: English (various dialects), French, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Russian, German, Korean, Hungarian, Spanish, Irish, Israeli and Chinese.
Education: Master in Forensic Science, MD and a PhD in marine biology, Master in Forensic Photography, PhD in Linguistics.

Courses: Psychology, Astronomy and Aviation.

School: Xavier’s Academy for the Talented, University of St. Petersburg.

Experience: Brotherhood Recruitment (2001), Spyz Recruitment (2006), former freelancer.

Elite Team Name: Code X

House of: Ian Fleming

Contact E-mail Address:

E-password: Labyrinth Age: 22

Hair color: Auburn Hair length: Short

Eye color: Grey Glasses: Yes__No__

Agent Name: Lionel Mane

Personal Weapons: Doesn’t have any, but he is really good with practically every kind of sword there is. He can also talk his way out of danger, and also manages to insult/manipulate others without his victims knowing.

Shooting Range: Undetermined, but is seen to be much higher than Taylor’s, due to the fact she once said that he always won whenever they were pitting against each other. Learnt sniping from his grandfather who often brought him hunting.

Known relatives: Mikhail Alexandrovich (father), Katya Pavlovich (mother), Konstantin, Ioann and Mikhail Alexandrovich (brothers), Irina Alexandrovich (sister), Kirill Alexandrovich (grandfather), Uri and Levak Ivanov (second cousins).

Personality: Chris may seem like everyone else, but there’s a part of him no one knows about: one part of him is something of a sharpshooter—cold, guarded, calm, and wary; the other part is his bad-boy attitude. Even though he likes Taylor, he always keeps it professional. He shows others that he cares by giving them help and advice. Always calm and composed, he’s a fighter, and he never admits defeat easily. He’s good at stealth, and he knows his way around guns. He doesn’t like to be bossed around. He usually disappears for long stretches at a time, but comes back now and again to check on things.

History: Unknown, but it is common knowledge that he has changed his name to Christien Perry, and that the only person who calls him by his real name to his face is Taylor Ashford.


‘No one knows much about Chris, except perhaps Taylor. We’re all wondering why he, a member of the Brotherhood, was assigned to be Taylor’s Handler? Something’s fishy about it. But, hey, he’s cute, so no one’s complaining.’
Beverly Matthews, Captain of Elite Team Polaris

‘Chris has gone through many hardships in his youth. He remains strictly professional at all times. The boy has seen too much in his life; I fear that he may not be as strong as he thinks he is. He shouldn’t have had to go through all these.’
Instructor Kitaro, Blue Bolt Institute Master

‘Chris is just like his mentor, Alix James. They both share the same personality, the same traits that he later passed onto Taylor. Let’s hope he’ll be able to relax more.’
Cory Christopher, Senior Envoy of the Brotherhood Council

‘Chris is cool. He knows when to work, and when to have fun. But unlike his other friends, Chris knows when to stop.’
Philo Pendragast, close friend


Well, there you have it. The profiles of our seven heroes. [Lol sounds dramatic leh XDXDXD]
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