Saturday, 13 October 2007

The X-Men: The Future Generation [Part 14]

Meanwhile, on the other side of the house...

'Emma, I don't see the problem here!' Scott Summers was frustrated. 'I told you, we were attacked in the middle of the night! Some guy burst into the Mansion, tore everything down and totally destroyed the whole place! How hard is it to understand?' His voice lowered an octave. 'The X-Mansion's gone. Everything's gone.'

'I don't think so, Scott,' Emma Frost said, her voice amplified by the speakers. The two headmasters, one of the X-Mansion itself, and the other of the X-Mansion branch in Massachusetts, were confering by webcam. The rest of the X-Men stood behind Scott. Logan was particularly annoyed. 'Look 'ere, Frost,' he spat. 'Them Mansion's torn down by those--' Scott managed to turn off the mike in time to avoid the whole profanity. Realizing he was not being transmitted over to Frost, Logan scowled at Scott, his claws popping out with a soft shiick. 'Hey, bub, you wanna turn that on?'

Scott wasn't particularly impressed. 'Well, is it PG-13 now?'

'Yeah,' Logan said, bringing his claws nearer to Scott's jawline. Behind them, Jean shot Logan a stern look. 'Logan...'

His mood foul, the man named Wolverine retracted his claws. 'Is it on?'

Storm leaned forward, switching the mike on. 'Yes, it is.'

'Good,' Logan continued with his sentence. 'Look, Frost. These...people...tore it down. And whateevr they were, they weren't human. Never smelt anything like that before.'

On the other side of the webcam, Frost started laughing. 'Logan. The Mansion's not torn down. Nothing's happened to it. You don't believe me?' The disbelieving looks were answer enough. Frost nodded. 'Okay, here, look. This is the latest photo taken of the Mansion by satellite imaging. I asked for it when Kurt told me something happened to the school.' She sent the file. 'Take a look.'

'Let me,' Jean said, pushing Scott out of the way. Sitting down, her fingers rans across the keyboard as she opened the file. 'No way,' she said softly. Everyone crowded in for a look. The X-Mansion was there, as it was expected, but instead of being in ruins, it was totally fine. Perfectly fine.

Like nothing had happened at all.

'Reality warping,' said a voice behind them, making everyone jump. Alix walked down from the stairs, Chris and Drew right behind her. 'Optical is a reality-warper. He's good, but not that good.'

Ari was confused. 'Wait. Optical? Who the hell is he?'

'Some guy I know,' Alix said offhandedly. She then proceeded to tell them everything she knew about him--which wasn't much--without divulging how she got it. Everyone looked suspicious, but they were more relieved that they knew who was behind it. Then Emma Summers spoke up. 'He's really powerful, isn't he?'

Silence. Then, 'No,' Alix said firmly. 'He's good, but he's not that good.' She kneaded her head. 'I'm missing something here. Come on, think!' She gave her head a soft thunk. Then it came to her. 'Wanda Maximoff. She probably combined her power to Optical's, to help him achieve that illusion. That's the only way it could happen.'

Max Leung frowned. 'Wanda Maximoff?'

'The Scarlet Witch,' Drew spoke up suddenly. Everyone looked at him. 'Mom told me stories about her,' he gave a wicked chuckle. 'I used them to scare my brother Barry.'

For some reason, Chris and Alix were trying not to laugh, and Alix leaned forward and ruffled Drew's hair. Naughty boy, she said chuckling.

Drew ducked to avoid Alix's hand. You taught me to be naughty, Mom...

At that moment they realized that they were being followed by many pairs of eyes. Trying to regain their composure, Alix said. 'So are we going back?' she inquired. Silently, she added, you're gonna pay for that, Drew.

'Yes, I think so,' Scott Summers said. 'It's time we see what's going on.' Yeah, Drew said. But about paying me back...I think you're mistaken, Mom. Another wicked chuckle. That was totally free!

Drew, Chris said, joining in. Would you like to apologize to your mother?

Right, Drew nodded solemnly, following the rest of the X-Men to the vehicles. Maybe I should. Then again, he skipped out of sight of both Chris and Alix, maybe I won't.

Even though they couldn't see him, Alix and Chris felt his laughter following them as they tried to keep the grins from spreading on their faces.


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