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The X-Men: The Future Generation [Part 15]

Yes, I know that this is not another part of the story, but I really need a concrite--izzat how u spell it--timeline coz I'm getting so confused lately. By the way, the previous chapter is Part 14, as corrected by Timmy. Cheers!

P.S. This timeline is starting from when the eldest Summers child(s) [aka the first second generation mutant] is born. And it's only gonna cover all the main characs. Before that I have absolutely no freaking idea!


The X-Men: The Future Generation Timeline
1984 Chris Perry Ashford, Ari and Emma Summers are born. Timothy Titus Ashford was born one day later than his twin brother Chris.
1985 Megan Washington and Angela Victor are born.
1986 Reina Anderson, Eddie Thomas, and Max Leung are born.
1987 Heinz Heinrich and Candice Furstenburg are born.
1988 Alix and Jay Summers, Nessa Chalmer and Tia Ashden are born.
1994 Reina Anderson becomes a student at the X-Mansion.
1995 Max Leung becomes a student.
1996 Alix meets Chris, but knows him only as Kit. It was there that Kit (Chris) had a premonition that one day they'd be together again. He told the premonition to her, and since then, Alix has never seen him again until they reunite in 2006, but have always been keeping his words at heart, having a soft spot for "the boy who said 'don't let go'." It was also then Kit gave her a silver ring [which she's had around her neck and which was used as her engagement ring] with the words, 'Brother's Keeper' inside.
2006 Heinz and Tia enters the school. Alix meets Chris, and starts to fall for him. After several months, Chris proposes. Alix says yes, they sign the papers [whoa, eloping wei!! Geng man!] but doesn't tell anyone yet.
2007 They meet Drew Perry, the mutant from the future. After helping them clear up the incident with the Optical/Brotherhood/David Charles Haller/Lucas chaos, Drew stays with them for a while. He was later sent back to the future after he helped to save his mother. October 1st, Chris and Alix married at age 23 and 19 respectively.
2009 Andrew Scott Perry Ashford is born. Ari Summers and Tia Ashden married.
2010 Michael Barrett Warren Ashford and Katrina Davies are born. Jay Summers and Nessa Chalmer are engaged.
2011 Double happiness: Jay Summers married Nessa Chalmer, while Reina Anderson and Eddie Thomas are engaged. They married two months later.
2012 Wyatt Tristran Andrian and Areys Iain Summers are born.
2013 Regan Mitchell and Emily Rey Summers are born.
2014 Nikos Ramirez is born.
2015 Declan Thomas and Gideon Mitchell is born.
2016 Taylor Alexzandria Peyton and Leo Tyler Kirby Ashford are born.
2020 Eddie Thomas and Reina Anderson have a falling-out. They divorced and custody of their son, Declan went to Reina, who changed his surname to James, after Reina's father. Eddie was later declared dead after being washed away by the current while sailing with his then girlfriend, Candice Furstenburg. Candice's body washed up on shore, and she was buried in the New York Cemetary.
2024 During the Ashford twins' eighth birthday, a bunch of streetfighters led by the presumed-to-be-deceased Eddie Thomas stormed the Ashford house and killed Alix and Chris Perry Ashford. Their children, Drew, Barry, Lexa and Leo survived, and they were sent to live with their grandparents at the X-Mansion.
2027 Drew Ashford decided to go back in time to save his parents. Calling himself Drew Perry, he conjured a portal with the combined powers of him and his siblings and was sent back to 2007 where he helped his parents and the X-Men to defeat the chaotic plot [See 2007 entry for details]. Later after finding out the truth about Drew, Alix and Chris managed to send him back to the future with a gentle promise that when he got back, they would be waiting for him. After stepping into the portal, Drew found himself in the year 2027, and saw his whole family, Chris and Alix included.
2032 23 year old Drew marries 22 year old Katrina Davies, the love of his life. His brother, Barry, is best man, while 16 year old Leo is the ringbearer. Leo's twin sister, Lexa, is thinking of pursuing genetic mutation, medicine and photography amongst other things. Next to her, her "soul-mate", Wyatt Andrian is waiting until Lexa is old enough before he proposes to her, in the same manner Chris waited for Alix to grow up. Julian is planning to borrow the 'Brother's Keeper' ring [which Chris and Alix gave to Drew as a covenant] to propose to Lexa when she turns eighteen.
Happy ending for the family.


Well there you have it. The X-Men: The Future Generation timeline.

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