Thursday, 18 October 2007

X Marks The Spot [Part 1]

Ok the whole story belongs to me. Wait, Why the heck am I writing a disclaimer when the whole thing's mine? Neways this is a new story I'm working on--part time, anyway. It's about...haihz just read on and you'll see. Be warned though, the beginning's a bit twisted.


Ten years ago...

It was dark, had it not been her auburn hair, nobody would have noticed her. She slowly drew out one of her cheap knives and held it in a ready-to-throw position. She knew what she had to do, the target was in plain sight. But she had to be patient.

She watched closely. Ahead of her, a man was adjusting the backpack on his back. It was in early December in Athens, and the temperature was 14.1 °C. Not many tourists around here at this time of the year. At least, she was used to the cold, remembering her childhood in St. Petersburg, Russia. The winters there were so much colder, she knew, the weather up there capable of going until -34.4 ° C. She had to be thankful. She knew she was going to be okay.

Unlike her mark.

The man was already hurrying back home, trying to keep warm despite the bitter cold. He barely paid any attention as the girl, hidden from her hiding place behind an alcove, aimed her knife at the man, hoping to hit the small pouch hanging from his backpack. She noted earlier that it was full of warm fresh bread and some chicken, and she was determined to bring it back--someway or another--to her brother.

Just as she was about to throw the knife, a sudden scream jolted her out of her senses, and she almost hit herself with the blade in surprise. Her mark turned back in alarm, and took off immediately, leaving the girl behind, disgusted at the turn of events. Annoyed, she kept the knife away, and as another scream rang the air, she started running.

She knew where the scream was originating from. It came from the little courtyard just a few blocks away from where she was. Picking up the pace, she ran faster, enjoying the feel of the wind against her face as it blew her long hair backwards. Skidding around a corner, she stopped for a while, leaning against the wall, breathing.

All of a sudden two hands grabbed her from behind, one of them immediately covering her mouth. She wriggled, trying to get loose, but a voice immediately silenced her. 'Hush, Alix. It's me.'

Alix froze. 'Papa?' she asked. Her father nodded, leading his daughter into an alley. Max Davies set his daughter down and knelt to her eye level. 'Alix, I need you to do something for me.' Furious nodding. 'Lex, I need you to follow a friend of mine. He'll be taking you to America.'

'What about Lauren and Leo?' Alix said, eyes wary. Lauren was her elder sister by four years, while Leo was her younger twin brother. There was a cold spark in those icy blue orbs. She knew what was coming next, and she didn't like it.

Max exhaled. 'Lauren and Leo are coming along, Lex. Take care of your sister, okay?' He glanced at his watch. It showed a quarter to eight. Alix wondered why her father was so uptight about it. He never had a problem with time. Max spoke again. 'Look, Alix. I just want you to--' he was rudely interrupted by a third scream. Alix struggled. 'Papa, what's going on?'

'Nothing,' Max said, but he was interrupted again, this time by a man standing beside him. 'Max, it's time. She has to go now.'

'Okay,' Max nodded, hugging his daughter. 'Alix, this is Reagan Donovan. Remember him? He'll look after you okay?'

Alix frowned. 'What's going on?' she said dangerously, reminding Max of his late wife, Emma, who died just a few months ago. Reagan took out a small vial full of a clear liquid and a syringe, and filling the syringe with the liquid, passed it to Max, who lifted his daughter's sleeve. Alix was still. Too still.

Her hand lashed out just as Max tried to inject her with the tranquilizer, smashing the syringe, scattering the liquid all over the tiled floor. 'No!' she hissed. 'Never!' She started running away, running past them. Reagan tried to grab her as she passed, but she was too quick, giving him a strong punch on his jawline. She continued running, but neither man moved to get her. their eyes, however, followed the girl as she raced down the street, and, to their surprise, to a young boy four years or so older than her, who immediately embraced her in a hug. His eyes, fiery blue as well, turned questioningly to Reagan and Max.

'Hate to say this, Maxie,' Reagan touched his jaw and winced. 'But she's good. The only one who can keep her steady is not you or me, bro, but...'

'Him,' Max nodded his head at the boy, who was busy comforting Alix. 'Master Tristran Perry. Your nephew.'

'Yeah,' Reagan said. 'Are you sure about this, Max?'

Max gave a curt nod. 'Yes. You'll probably have more trouble with Alix than with her sister, but she'll be fine once she's used to you.'

'It's not her I'm worried about,' Reagan said darkly. 'It's just that she's like her mother. Always one to question authority, but at the same time intelligent enough to know when not to argue.'

Both men laughed, watching as Tristran led Alix into a cabin cruiser waiting at the port. Silence for a while. Mas hesitated. 'Reagan, Alix and her siblings don't know about my...condition right now. I'd appreciate it if...'

Reagan finished his friend's sentence. 'If I'd keep it from them just until they're ready.' Max nodded in way of answer. The former agreed. 'I'll take care of your kids, Max. You just look after yourself.'

Max grinned. 'Always.' They shook hands and went their separate ways.

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