Thursday, 15 April 2010

Do Whatever You Want, But Be Sure That You Can Face The Consequences of Your Actions.

Crazy. Hectic. Chaotic.


No, you read correctly. Thesaurus. That's what Jian Haw is taking to call me everytime I lecture him for misusing a word. I'll be correcting him about something and he'll go, 'Yalah, yalah, thesaurus! I also have one in my phone!' And then he whips out his phone and opens up the thesaurus app., just to one-up me.

We've been having a multitude of examinations lately. Mock tests and mock-mock tests. But I'm sure you know that already. We are stressed to the point that all we do in our free period now is conquer the library to study. Seriously, that is all we ever do. I bet even the librarians there know us by face now.

And if that wasn't bad enough, we'd just finished our mock/mock-mock chem test yesterday. It was supposed to be 50 MCQs and no structural. So everyone was a bit relieved at the prospect. Then Ms Kana came in, placed her bag down and started handing out questions papers. You know, those in the past year questions format, where they had Jan 2008 or something on them? Yep, so it looked pretty official and everything, and Alex, I think, opened the first few pages.

Kana noticed and shrugged. 'Go ahead and check it out. I don't mind. You can see what you're going to do.'

Then someone shrieked. 'OMG!! Got structural!!'

And the whole class promptly went into an uproar.

'Teacher, you said 50 MCQ only! Why got structural?'

'Why so not fair one!!!'

'Omg, I signed my name already!' Yep, you need to write your surname, initial and sign it at the top column.

And on it went till Kana, grinning like mad, said. 'I never said this was your test.' Stunned class. 'You simply jumped to conclusions. You never gave me the chance to talk. Nice, isn't it, to have your blood pressure go up and come back down again?' Nice? I felt like wringing her neck.

'This is your homework. Do the objective only. And now this is the real test.'

We came close to having a bloody myocardial infarction (read: heart attack). Seriously, I bet the papers would be astounded if that actually happened. "Whole Class Simultaneously Had Heart Attacks. Chem Teacher to Blame."

Msian studies and moral studies final exams is on next Friday, one after the other. Can die, I tell you! Got Msian studies assignment as well. 10 page essay and group presentation. And I'm barely surviving on sleep. I've been cutting down from 8 to six hours a night. And I wake at 6 every morning, regardless. You do the math.

I'm going to bed.


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