Friday, 2 April 2010

I'm Not Going To Pursue This, Not Because I Can't, But Because I Won't.

Let's just face it. We're not good for each other. There may be something between us, and maybe if I don't act now it'll be lost, but it's nothing I can't live without.

My eyes close, my soul quietens.
All I long for, I have yet to reach.
This thing we have
It is full of twists and turns
That I cannot begin to decipher

I believed that there could be something more
But deep judgment pulled me back from going further
It's frustratingly complex yet simple
One step forward, two steps back

I try to look at it differently
How it would seem like to the world
Yet I still see confusion and chaos
Are we for real, or is this just a game we play?
If it is a game, why do I feel such tenderness?
If it's for real, why do I feel such hesitance?

Sorrow tears through me
Yet it is a sorrow I have encountered before
A familiar friend, yet its presence is slightly less than reassuring
It reminds me of things yet to come
Knowledge yet to be found
Loves yet to be known
But somehow, I doubt you'd be one of them

Your world and mine collide
But would you leave it all behind for me?
I don't think I can
I don't really think I can

We come from different origins
And though attraction beckons
I must, have to, need to
Have one foot on reality
We simply cannot exist
Not together
I deny myself this part of you
I deny myself everything I've known about you
Let's forget these moments we've shared

I deny myself everything

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