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The Worst Kind of Influences Are The Ones That Pretend To Be "For Your Own Good."

I absolutely loath Gaius in Merlin.

Oh, he's a fine character and all that, and Richard Wilson portrays him beautifully. I just dislike the way the scriptwriters wrote Gaius out to be all kind and wise when he's actually not.

Shall I give some examples?

In the seventh episode of the first season, The Gates of Avalon, Morgana sees Arthur in her dreams. She sees him drowning underwater and there's a young woman standing over him, watching him die. The very next day, Arthur brings back a woman and her father, whom he'd saved from bandits, and Morgana understands that Lady Sophia Tiamor and Aulfric, her father, are the ones behing Arthur's demise.

So of course, she confides in the only person she'd thought who help: Gaius.

And Gaius, little bugger he is, acts all righteous and keeps on giving Morgana sleeping draughts - then's version of sleeping pills - to help her sleep well and reduce her nightmares. Guess what, Gaius? They don't work! And he knows it, because all the time he's suspected that she's got magic and is a Seer. But no, he won't say anything.

Then Merlin finds out about this but is forbidden from ever letting Morgana know she's a Seer. In The Nightmare Begins (Season 2 Episode 3) tries to help Morgana, who accidentally (using her powers) started a fire in her room. Morgana confides in Gaius, again (dear girl, when will you learn? He's trying to allay you!) and he patronizes her, the bloody physician! He calls her "my child" and she screams at him, 'I'm not a child!' You go, Morgana.

And here is when Merlin shines for a moment but fades back under the wing of Gaius. Here is where Merlin wants Gaius to "talk to her. Tell her she'll be ok. Tell her that her powers aren't something to be afraid of." And when Merlin wants to talk to Morgana after Gaius refuses to, he's being forbidden by his uncle.

Merlin: You need to be honest with her.
Gaius: What makes you so certain that you know better than me?
Merlin: Because I went through exactly the same thing! I know what she's feeling right now!
Gaius: You cannot get involved in this! No good can come of it. I mean it, Merlin. Stay out of it.

Which begs the question, why doesn't Gaius wants Morgana to know about her powers? She's already helped Mordred the Druid boy, she can keep a secret, especially one so close to her. Why doesn't anyone tell her?

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason Morgana actively and behind Uther's back, seeks out her own kind. Like anyone of us, she wants to feel accepted, to belong, to be part of something.

Morgana: I'm sorry. I'm never going back. These are my people. They're like me. (pause) I don't feel so alone here. Do you understand?
Merlin: Better than anyone.

But why won't you tell her, Merlin?

It was absolutely heartbreaking, the part where she says, 'I don't feel so alone here.' One of the reasons why I can really relate to Morgana. I'm still trying to find a place where I don't feel so alone.

But the thing that irked me the most is when people ask why did Morgana become evil. FYI, people, if you've been keeping up with the show, Morgana didn't become evil, regardless of what Gaius said. In The Beginning of the End, all she did was help a Driud boy escape. Uther was persecuting a boy. A boy. Wouldn't you do the same?

In The Nightmare Begins, she seeks out the Druids because they're the only ones who can tell her why she's having all these dreams that can tell the future. In the Sins of the Father, she feels a connection with Morgause, who turns out to be her half-sister. In The Witch's Quickening, she was blinded by Alvarr's charm that she helped him escape. In the Fires of Idirsholas, it was Morgause who spirited Morgana away, and not Morgana herself who left, even though I don't quite approve with the fact she left to see Morgause (but hey, she feels a connection there. Can't blame the girl, can we?)

The thing is, I see it this way: Morgana has powers, things she can't explain, things she doesn't know why. And she's trying to find someone to help her, to explain things to her. Basically just to let her know she's not alone. And Merlin's been given so many opportunities to help, but he doesn't. Because he's influenced by Gaius not to. And when she can't find help from the people around her, she goes to the people she's brought up to believe are evil. Why?

Because they have magic. Surely they can help. And indeed, each and every single one of them (even the ones that use her) tell her that magic is not something to be afraid of. It's a gift. They gave her hope, and they're supposed to be the bad guys. While her so-called friends are filling her head with lies, making her doubt herself. Which is why we see her go from a strong, powerful warrior in Season 1 to a teary, wreck of a lady with very few scenes in each episode in Season 2.

It must be killing her, for the people she trusts so much to betray her (Merlin tried to kill her) and for the people she's been brought up to hate to extend help and courtesy to her. Especially Mordred. I love Mordred. You can see that he geniunely likes Morgana.

I simply hate the fact that the "good" side do nothing to get Morgana through this difficult period of her life and then claim that she's gone over to the dark side when she seeks the people who can help. She's not evil, she's dark, and a little bit misunderstood.

Also, another pet peeve with Morgause. She seemed to truly love Morgana as her sister, but I'm asking, if she loves her sister, why did she use her, manipulate her to be the vessel for the sleeping curse in the Fires of Idirsholas? It stands to reason, then, that she hates Uther more than she cares for her sister. Nice. Both she and Uther finally had something in common, albeit in reverse: He hates magic more than he cares for Morgana too. It's a sign that she's losing herself to her hatred. Morgause is going mad. She will, I'm betting on it.

This whole thing about Gaius being the "good" guy is really wiring me up. I've got a good mind to start a fanfiction where it is revealed that Gaius is actually the one behind everything. I really do.

Maybe after my exams this week, yeah?

Watch out Gaius. I'm coming for you.

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