Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Hunger Games....Make Me Hungry

Oh, we are free! Free from the burdens! The restrains, the time-consuming, bloody 42 hours I wasted.

Yes, people, I'm talking about Msian/Moral Studies. The biweekly classes I had to sit for for the past 4 months. And though it may be fun (as in, we poke fun at the teachers) it was, overall, a bloody waste of time. Okay, so I learned something (like how Moral is actually Beginner's Guide to Philosophy) so it wasn't a total waste of time. Just a bloody waste of time.

Exams were yesterday (Friday 23th) and we - Jian Haw, Fiona, Yvonne and I - holed up in the lib not to study Moral, but to discuss what essays we were going to write and what values to use for those essays. Yep, Fi and Yvonne's class teacher (2 teachs: Ms Sue who set the papers - Fi's teach- and Ms Geetha - mine and Jian's) had already given out format. As in what's going to come out for the final exam, including the topics for the MCQs. Confused? It sorta ran like this:

Q1: Morality
Q10: Kant
Q20- Buddhism

Yeah, she seriously gave them out and they're the exact ones she's been giving out for years. Can I hear you say, 'LOL'?

So we sat for Moral and Msian, bloody tiring I tell you. I think I sorta lost my appetite due to the stress.

Oh, and I WON!!! Books!

My sis texted me during studying to tell me I got a parcel from Scholastic. And so I went 'Hmm, who's sending me stuff?' Sis had a feeling it was a book. Went home, opened it and found.....

....Book 1 and 2 of the Hunger Games!!! Roar!! Book 2 was in hardcover, and Book 1 had a small, 3D thing - the one that flips faces when you tilt it? - of the mockingjay pin Katniss received, the same logo on the front cover of Book 1. Readers of Hunger Games would know what I'm talking about.

And then I'm like, 'Whoa, when did I sign up for this competition?'

Seriously, I totally forgot! Then sis conveniently remembered that she'd seen me signing up for this a while back. (P.S. Also signed up for the 26 leather bound classics from Popular so, fingers crossed!)

So proud wei! Winning books. Printed in USA some more tau!