Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Bloody Annoying

Maths was cool.

Biology was bloody annoying. Say that in a British accent. Bloody annoying.

Really you have no idea how much.

Let's talk about Maths first, shall we?


Maths was fun. Went in. Sat down. Exam docket and pencil box on table. Calculator not allowed. As usual, Erina came in late. Forgot her pencil. Had to dash to the front for it.

Flip. First page open, Surds! Love surds. 2nd Question was, I think, dy/dx. Yes!! I love dy/dx. And the cool bit, they have the question at the top and leave the rest of the page blank. Bit of a waste, ya think? Wait till you get to question 8 onwards. Give you 3 extra blank pages.

Question number__: integration. Not bad, love questions that gave 3 marks or more for something simple. Hehe, this is fun. Scribble, cancel out a bit, but got it in the end.

Arithmetic progression! No proving Sn unfortunately, but lovely question all the same. Finished in one hour. Spent the remaining 30 minutes stoning.

Biology. Bloody annoying.

Entered about ten minutes early, bloody head invigilator can't speak proper English. So we waited..

...and waited...

...and waited...

I was tapping my foot irritably by the time 1.30 came.

"You may start now."

Went for objective first. Shite, why is everyone going to structural? OK, I'll do that too. Oooh. Heart and circulatory system. Left ventricle...aorta...

Describe the stage in cardiac cycle and give a reason why.

Hey, I've done this! It's either AS or D, and it's because the AV valves are opened. Done! Next page.

Oh, hell.

Scribble 2 words (literraly) and move on. Bugger, who's the idiot who made this paper?

Internal chant: Damn, damn, bugger, shite!

Aw, crap. Guess X-Files was right after all. They really are out to get us.

Long story short, it was a awesomely hard to do paper.

I'm just not in the mood tonight.


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