Friday, 21 May 2010

I Hate Being Sick During Exams.

I'm finding it hard to not get caught up in the excitement.

Hurdle number 1 has been passed successfully.

But there are still 4 more hurdles to overcome.

The stress got to me yesterday. Came down with a flu, ate some meds and a chock lot of vitamins and supplements it's ridiculous. Slept for 8 hours, woke up at 6 just to revise Chem. Ended up rereading all my notes for the second/third time. I'm buggered.

Napped again at one. Slept till 2. Then fell asleep again during revising. Slept till 3. Woke up, got into the car (scorching hot under the sun) and fell asleep on the way to college. Got into Wisma HELP at 4. Waited for Jeya. Went up to 4th floor together. Hung out outside LT 4.4.

Stopped studying after a while. Did some catching up, and we dissed--er, I mean, discussed a certain someone we know. Got bored. Started talking crap. People started filling in. Jeya and I were panicking. She didn't study alkenes. Kept feeling tired throughout.

Inside, they asked us to turn out our pockets to show we didn't smuggle any notes inside. Shit! My penknife and torchlight was in my pocket. What would they say to that? Dashed out of my seat, ran to my bag and stuffed all those incriminating objects into my bag and dashed back into my seat. Erina gave a grin as I passed. Eldwin behind me, Erina in front, David in the other room on my right.

Handed out the paper. Invigilator went through the rules. A lady came by, I turned out my pockets for her. A pack of tissues, my spectacle cloth, my keys. Passed. Breathed a sigh of relief. Started writing my candidate number and name. Hand was shaking. Fear, adrenaline and something else coursing through me. Excitement? Maybe.

"You may begin now."

Flipped all the way to the page where the structural started. Went through the first question. Shit. Scribbled something, moved on. Went to second question. Eyes widened. Double shit. Scribble something, moved on.

Third question. Finally, something I can bloody do! That's it, that's it, take your time. You've got all the time in the world. Keep an eye on the clock. Guess that's how I became obsessed with time. One eye on the clock. Don't rush.

Next question. Good girl, take your time. There's still time. Continue, keep that pace. That's it, that's it....Next page. Yes! Jeya taught me how to do this. Thanks Jeya. Now if I can only remember what she said....

Ooh. Is that it? Structural finished so quickly. Oohkay then, objective here we go. Oh, this is nice. I like this question. And that one. Ha! I know how to do this. Oh crap. Polarisation. Which one? A? D? A? D? Okay, get back to you later. Moving on. I can do this. I can do this. Yes, yes, yes!

...Finished already? I was just starting to have fun!

Shit, half an hour left. Okay, back to the ones I skipped out. Hehe, loved drawing the dot and cross diagram of Ca 2+ ion. Oh, there's that long-assed question on the various reactions. Okay, I like this. Electrophilic addition. So's this one. Next is oxidation. Then Hydrogenation.

...Name compound X. Draw out compound 2. --- is a --------. Draw out the polymer with 2 repeating units. Haha! Easy! I love polymerisation. Next page. Ooh! Ooh! Brilliant!

Draw in displayed the mechanism for Reaction --. Hehe! Electrophilic addition. *Hums happily under breath* Checks clock. Oh shit!

"You have fifteen minutes left."

Shit, shit, shit. Bugger. Bugger. Flip flip flip. What the heck are they talking about? I don't know!!! Scribble something, cancel, cancel, scribble some more. Crapppp!!!

Flip, flip, flip. Hear ye you stupid objective question on polarisation! Which one is it!!!

Tell me now or I will destroy you!!!!!!!!

A. D. A. D. A. D.

If this keeps going on, I will get ADD, I swear it.

A. D. A. D. A. D.

Crap. Ten more minutes. Screw it! A.

Flip flip flip. Check, all my objectives are done. Flip some more. So are the structural. Go through once more just in case. Fingers are twitching in mid air as I take count of all my questions. Some habit I picked up after watching Elektra. Some OCD counting thing. I do it all the time now. Ooh, so I have OCD?

Wait. I thought I have ADD.

Oh shaddup. It's a fact I am bipolar.

Or maybe I'm just schizophrenic! Yay, I got multiple personality disorder!!!

Who bloody cares? Chem is almost over!

Okay, done. Closes the booklet. Smiles, look around, people scribbling frantically. Hehe.

Watch the clock. Watch the head invigilator watch the clock. C'mon, pal, it's just one stroke away from 7.30pm.

"Time's up! Stop writing. Check your booklet to see if you finished writing all your details!"

Oh thank God!

A rustling sound as people check through their booklet. Dump pens and pencil obsessively neatly into pencil case. Zipped it close. Then only check through booklet. Hehe.

Lady came over to pick up our papers. Said "Thank you". We must be polite. Look around. Dashed forward to get bag. Chatted with Rin. Went home.

Hungry. Want food.


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