Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Beginning of Paravel [Part 1]

For the first time in a couple of weeks, I finally checked out my Facebook. Been neglecting it for a while, since I've read some scientific study how students who frequent Facebook get a lower GPA compared to those who don't. Besides, it's not like I've got any reason to use it. People hardly tag me, no one really cares about the stuff I type (not that I type a lot) so it's been living in limbo.

And usually, the first thing I do online is check my mail. So imagine my utmost surprise, when, after abandoning my Facebook for ages, I discover one and a half pages of Facebook spam. And then, after checking all the bloody hoo-hah, I realised it was because some fella who had too much free time uploaded my Standard 1 class photo on Facebook. Yeah, uploading is OK, but I don't bloody know how and why they managed to tag me on it. Seriously, does everyone in the world have Facebook now?

It was rhetoric; don't answer.

And everyone was busy commenting and catching up; as a result, I got Facespammed. Like crazy. And the thing is, I barely remember these people. OK, maybe I do remember some, like how some people, even at the young age of seven, are brats. And how adorable I looked back then. (I cringe when I compare my primary school photos to my current ones. Seriously, I looked cuter as a kid.)

Besides that, there's this whole buggering issue going on with my driving lessons. Seriously, I'm really fed up about everything. I'm leaning towards swordfighting and stories as a form of escapism. Everything that's going on now is suffocating. Where would I be without my angels?

"We've all had some bad things in our past," Katie explained coolly. "Colin's father walked out on him before he was born; he was raised by his mum. My dad died when I was ten. Arthur's mum died in labour. So we've all got a bond between us, a really strong bond. We all understand what the other has gone through, because we've been there ourselves. That's probably why we're so close, why we seem a bit nuts sometimes." She said it in such a tone no one could really tell if she was joking or not. Though she probably was.

"And Jules?" Dunham prodded. He grew pale. "She didn't lose anyone she cared for, did she?"

"Nah," Katie drawled in her Irish accent. Dunham felt a sense of relief until Katie continued her sentence.

"Nah, she was just born dysfunctional."

She looked around her warily. It was true that she'd dreamt of meeting people like her, people amongst whom she'd feel a sense of belonging, but long ago she had put it aside as a figment of her imagination, for she highly doubted that people like her truly existed. And even if they did, it was a million to one that they'd ever meet.

Or that they'd deliberately seek her out to join them in arms. For who would want such a dysfunctional, flawed human being to join the ranks of angels and goddesses?

Oh, angels and goddesses they definitely were. Three of them, two men and a woman. The men looked polar opposites of each other; one dark, one light. The blond man had deep blue eyes and a tall frame, one that reminded her of a knight of the ancient times. His opposite, Colin, she thought his name was, had dark hair and blue eyes, though of a darker shade than the blond.

And the female...even she was taken aback at how great the contrast was between the woman's milk-pale skin and her long, black tresses. It actually came as a shock to later find out that Katie's dark hair was a result of hair dye. And her eyes...chips of blue ice embedded in pale fairness. She blinked. It seemed that these gods and goddess shared one feature: blue eyes.

Her own was dark brown, although she'd like to think of it as dark chocolate. One of her vices next to books and swords. And it didn't really stand out much against her plain brown tresses, but people used to say that she had large eyes and long lashes, so she supposed it was alright then.

The blond, whom she was come to know as Arthur, stepped forward, hand extended to her. Strangely enough, Jules's attention was focused on Katie. There was something ethereal about her, something that drew her closer, but she knew that if she got in too deep she wouldn't be able to get out. She needn't have worried though; Katie was extremely sweet and kind towards her.

Both Arthur and Colin noticed the effect Katie was having on the young girl, and Arthur cleared his throat, pulling Jules's attention to him again. 'I know you don't believe us when we say this, but you are an Old Soul.' He smiled a little. 'So am I. So are we all.'

He clasped her hand in his. 'We're more at home in the past than in the present. There is nothing we love more than knowledge, nothing that fascinates us more than the lores of ancient times, nothing we want more than to ride into battle with a sword in our hands.' Jules's eyes brightened at the idea. 'And nothing we wish more than to live life once more as lords and ladies, as kings and queens of old.'

Jules watched as Arthur lowered himself slightly to her eye level, so she could see the earnest look in his eyes. 'The only thing we have on our side is magic--' here, his eyes flashed a golden yellow, and Jules watched intently as he conjured a deep, red rose for her. 'Sometimes, it is not enough. You won't understand much of this, I'm sure. But when the moment comes, you will remember. Because you are one of us. One of the great Queens of the Old Lore.'

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