Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Circle Is Complete...Kinda

Oh yes!

Uh-huh, I got my new 8GB pendrive today! And I had to rush all the way to that computer shop at the very top floor of IPC, same level as Popular just to get it since it was at a discounted price (RM 19.90 you know!) and people were lining up to get it when the shop opened at ten.

After power walking all the way (cause it felt a bit uncouth to run that early in the morning when people were setting up shop) we finally got there in time and bought a couple of those pendrives (one per person, so thank God I went along with my dad). Got it, got out to pay parking, whoo! It's free. Turns out we managed to get in and out in fifteen minutes. Validated the ticket and rushed off to church.

Now I'm back home and I was thinking of naming my new XPorter Patriot Memory flashdrive. What do you mean "name", you may ask? Well, usually stuff like this have a name, right, when you stick it into your computer, a window comes out saying or something like that, depending on the brand, yes? Well, I changed it from to ......

Dun dun dun....


Yes I know, but I needed the whole set, since the memory card in my mobile phone is already called < MORGANA >. I'm serious; that's the name of my memory card. So to complete the circle, I changed my Toshiba 1GB flashdrive (that came free with the Dell laptop) to....

Surprise, surprise...


Now I just need one more of these electronic thingies and I'll call it < MORDRED >.

In your face, < MERLIN >

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