Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Something Ghostly This Way Come

So I'll be the first to admit that this is a title more suitable for October, but I couldn't help it.

Just two minutes ago I entered my parents' room to brush my hair. They've got a nice big mirror there so yeah. The entire room was dark, only illuminated by the light from the family room outside. So I flipped on the switch, and a light at the dressing table snapped on (I'm quite tempted to say "Turned On" but you know, boys these days. Say something like that and expect sniggering).

I turned away to get my brush, and was just about to start combing my hair when all of a sudden, the light snapped off.

People who know me knows my imagination knows no bounds, particularly when it involves the supernatural. And oddly enough, I'd been thinking about Spellbound, and what powers were suitable for the warlock Albert (I briefly entertained the idea that a rogue warlock breathes fire. Hey, Chris, maybe warlocks are elemental but when they turn rogue, their powers grow in intensity but in the end it overwhelms them to the point of insanity?) so it was a bit of a shock to be plunged into darkness.

So here I was, thinking that maybe something weird is going on when I finally hit on the solution. You know sometimes how you can flip a switch only halfway down into the slot? I think that's what happened, and since it was only halfway down, it ended up back to its original position without anyone pressing it.

Thus solved the Mystery of the Vanishing Light Source.

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