Thursday, 16 July 2009

Ever Yours

Right before we even met
Unknowingly, I had created an image of you
Someone I could see myself with
Someone, unfortunately, I couldn't be with
Even through the darkest nights
Loving caresses, in the shadows stolen
Lighting up even the blackest moments
I carry your heart in mine, and it beats together
Like I have come home to the one I live for
One and only, you have been by my side
Vice versa, I hope to see your face
Eyes that shine like Kelly Green
Your features sharp like that of a prince
One I cannot help but fall for
Until the day we meet

For you, my guardian angel
Only yours I will always be
Regardless of who comes
Even they shall not pass between us
Violet flowers and watermelon scent
Emerald green eyes and fruit tarts
Reign forever on my list of favourites
Yes, only because they remind me of you
Otherwise stay with me, all the days
Undyingly, my affections will not fade
Rising up to the highest peak
Somewhere I'll find you someday

Miles of sand to go before we find each other
Youthful pride kept me from speaking aloud but
Lover, know this, that I want you
Onward we will go, until we reach the end of our journey
Victory will be ours, as we set sail for the sun
Ever loving, ever faithful, ever yours.

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