Friday, 17 July 2009

Scent of Love

Dark skies take over
A drop, and another, and a third
Rains down on their loving embrace
Kinship had turned into something more
Even now, as this new stage is tested out
Soothing phrases do little to quell their passion
Tangled together now, like knots of string

She smiles, and waits for him
Escaping the past, he reaches for her
Clasping hands, brown locked with green
Reason is abandoned; release is what they seek
Enigmatic darkness gave way to light
The moment itself is brief, but what comes after is not
Slowly, hesitantly, they begin the Ancient Dance

Revelling in the feel of skin upon skin
Eager to meet at the highest mountain
Vibrant colours explode from within
Egos have no place here; instead, love rules all
Again they embrace, at last it is over
Let no man come between what is and what will be
Everything else is meaningless; there is no need to think
Deeply breathing in the scent of love.

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