Thursday, 16 July 2009

Kezaliman tu positif ke?

Yeah well, pretty busy week. I've just finished Add Maths test Monday when I found out about the EST monthly test as well. Quite bummed because I was actually planning to skip EST (quote Kee Wei: Wah Elyssia ni ji shi bien chen zhe yang? Yi qian mei tian shang ke, xian zai ponteng EST) yeah what the hell. I had Physics tuition after that. In the end had to call Dad to pick me up later just to take the test. Screw it, I'm skipping next week.

Tuesday. What happened Tuesday? Oh yeah, we were supposed to have Physics monthly but Pn Chew came in to remind us on Monday abt our test and David exclaimed, 'Teacher. Make it Thursday lah. We study tomorrow (Tuesday). Ok, ok?' And she said yes! Quote Xin Wei, 'WTH? Liddat also can?'

Wednesday. Was busy cramming for Physics Monthly and Chem Quiz. Had tuition as well. Boring day. So tired. No idea why I'm so worked up over these two.

Thursday (today) Had the monthly wasn't too bad. Had Chem quiz as well which was ok I guess. Then in komsas today we were doing Mariah and Kerusi. Pn Maziana asked some ppl in the class to give a sipnosis. When Wee Liam was asked to do Kerusi, he took the marker, drew stickmen, a chair and a gong and started drawing out the whole thing. Pretty hilarious. In the end we were clapping cause Pn. Maziana said it was the best explanination so far.

Joke of the day
Pn. Maziana: Ok sekarang saya bagi you nilai untuk Kerusi. Nilai yang pertama ialah--
Zhuo Liang: Kezaliman!
Whole class looks stunned. Teach as well.
Pn. Maziana: Kezaliman? Kezaliman tu positif ke?'
Zhuo Liang: *shrugs* Depends lorr....

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