Friday, 18 September 2009

Do Not Fear To Be Eccentric In Opinion, For Every Opinion Now Accepted Was Once Eccentric.

Yes welcome back my public. Been off the grid for three weeks now, no thanks to the trials we've been having. Feel pretty confident in Chemistry, definitely screwing up my Add Maths. And our last exams (Biology Paper 3 and EST 1) is to be postponed until after the Raya hols.

Which explains why I'm here blogging. Not that trials didn't hold much excitement (yeah, right) for us. Shall I elaborate?

The date was 15 September 2009, aka Tuesday. We had our Chemistry and Physics Paper 3. Chem was fantastic. But Physics was more panicky than usual since our teacher didn't offer any tips whatsoever and everyone from Mr Yeoh's tuition class were scrambling for notes to read.

Paper 3 was experiment-based, which means they give you two structural questions regarding several experiments and you have to fill the blanks. That was the easy bit. Then the last section was the bit where they gave you a situation, and you had to contruct your own experiment based on what little clues they gave you. And it was this experiment-constructing bit that had everyone cursing to the bone. It didn't help matters that Nicholas Leong, Melinda and some others were busy debating the whole Kanye West-Taylor Swift incident.

So we frantically read through all of Mr Yeoh's notes. Then the bell rang and the teacher came in. So out goes the notes and our last chance at scraping some marks. Dunno if you guys overseas (that's you Shar) do this as well, but even though we're at our places and while the teacher's preparing to give out the papers, we still throw questions throughout the class just to confirm/get some last minute information our brains force us to think about.

Seating arrangements were as thus: seven tables (vertically) by six tables (horizontally). Originally this meant that I'd be sitting at the very back instead of the second last place, but Xian Yao who'd always sat the last seat, second row from the left wanted to keep his place so he got his way. That means he's the last in the second row. Erina was on his right, and I was in front of Erina. Ben was on Erina's right and Gerald was in front of him, making Gerald my right.

The moment the teacher (who was walking around passing papers) gave Xian Yao his Physics test paper, he flipped to the back and checked out the experiment questions. And he started laughing. Erina and I saw what was on the paper and the three of us started laughing hysterically.

You know why?

One of the questions that came out was the one we'd read about. It was especially a miracle for Erina, who'd came back from recess with Candice when she suddenly flipped her notes open, right at that very page with that very experiment, and she said, 'Let's study Physics.'

And then the next day for Modern Maths (abbreviated Mod Maths) we were doing the test when a bat flew in. See my class is the last one on the top floor, and we've been getting visits from bats and moths (Angsana class had a bat that flew into the fan and got its wings torn or something). Last couple of weeks before the exam, a bat flew in when we were studying and Xian Yao was like, 'Look! It's Edward Cullen!'

If you don't get the reference then you're obviously not from this planet we call Earth.

So half way through the Mod Maths test Edward Cullen flew in. And Xian Yao (never one to talk quietly--even his whispers are loud--sometimes wonder are the teachers really deaf or what) whispered to us, 'Did you see Edward Cullen?'

And that wasn't even the highlight. Thursday we came in and Erina noticed some brown balls of stuff on her table. Predictably she went Eww and immediately demanded to know what they were. Xian Yao helpfully suggested that they were bat poo and Erina shrank back in disgust, followed by more exclaimations of Eww.

I began to poke fun at her. 'Maybe it was left by Edward Cullen (the bat).'

Erina glared at me. Xian Yao caught on. 'Yalor. So you mustn't wipe it away.'

Then I couldn't resist adding, 'Just take it as a present from Edward Cullen himself.'

Ok that's all for exams. I am now downloading songs and games, and I seriously encourage you to listen to Alexz Johnson's Deeper and I Still Love You. They are seriously ncie songs and I managed to get Gerald to listen to them.

So I was bored and was tagged via Facebook by Xin Wei where we type in 10 names and click on the question generator and answer the questions. The first one I got was, 'How would Louise insult Erina?'

I asked and she didn't bother answering.

Then third question was, What would Timothy not caught dead in? Lou was laughing at that one.

Some other nice ones were What would happen if you could read David's private diary? But this is the best because it takes the mickey out of two of my guy friends.

Nicholas (Kok) and Gerald are forced to roleplay out a verbal couple fight. Who gets to play the wife?

I seriously burst out laughing at this and after much consideration, I chose Nicholas. Hmm, maybe I should post it on Facebook.

Honestly this generator asks all the stupid questions. Once I put my cousins's (Julaine, Emma and Praise) names and my sister's (Chary) in and I got this two questions:

How would you feel about some Julaine and Emma action?

I could've spat out my drink. If I had been drinking.

And then...

How about Praise and Chary?

I was like, Shit. What's this guy's problem?

But it's addictive. So I do it again just to see what kind of questions I'd get.

1. Lou got turned into an animal. What animal is it? ~Something unique but spicy. Maybe something like a killer whale. Or a tiger. Or an eagle.
2. Super fun fun adventure amusement park marathon with you, Timothy and Louise! How will it go? ~Hysterically. We probably can't decide where to go first.
3. Who is Gerald's best friend? ~ Dunno. Darrel, maybe? One of the guys from BR class.
4. Chiau Hui suddenly knows all your secrets. What do you have to say about that? ~The same one I got for the Ben question. I'll give the same answer: only that now they know why I've become what I am.
5. What musical instrument would Chary most likely play? ~ She already plays one: piano, just quitted it ages ago.
6. Would you love to read Praise's very personal diary? ~ Considering that she is 12 years old, I doubt there would be much to interest me. Unless she's writing about a boy...then I might be interested. Cue evil smirks and maniacal laughs.

Then I got bored cause they were repeating the questions. Anyway, I'm off to play a couple of games before dinner. Like Lou coined,

Fare thee well, comrades, conspirators and calculators! May the pi be with you!

(All Add Maths references, in case you didn't know. The only subject I truly hated. Seriously, this test results will prove I'm not fit to be an Add Mathematician.)


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