Saturday, 19 September 2009

Seeking Answers

Everytime we speak
I'm always asking the questions
Curiosity, embeded deep inside me
But it doesn't make sense
Because I'm the one
Who initiates everything

What happened
To the age where the gentlemen
Always made the first move
What happened
That you can't be bothered
To talk to me

I'm searching desperately for answers
To questions I'm not sure exists
I try to delve deep within me
Doubt myself, am I the cause behind this
I may act so removed
I may built a wall around me
Don't be fooled
I'm just like any other girl
I need reassurance
Despite what they might think
Should I stay or should I walk away?

I thought that we were deeper than this
I figured there was something between us
And then I realised that I couldn't do this
Couldn't see this through

It's all my fault and I'm worried
I used to think I was so invincible
Right now, I feel like I'm defeated
I try to act like I don't care
But actually I do
We always do

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