Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Hope Is Tomorrow's Veneer Over Today's Disappointment.


It's the worst feeling in the world. It makes you doub yourself, makes you question everything you ever did. It eats you from the inside, a stab so painful nothing will ever fix it. It is, essentially, the emotional equivalent of acid.

Being disappointed is bad enough.

Knowing you are the source of disappointment adds insult to the injury.

Remember, disappointment kills.

So study hard.

Okay. Blog will be on temporary hiatus till my trials end on the 18 of September. The above refers to an incident in Chem tuition today.

We were given Paper 1 to do. I got 76 %, which I thought was good but not good enough. It annoyed me that Timmy got higher than I did, and I was slightly pissed that I made so many careless mistakes.

But the clincher was, Mrs Foo asked for my marks, and when I told her, she just said one sentence:

"I expected better from you."

It stung, really, because I consider Chemistry to be my best subject, and I love it. It hurt that I had so many careless mistakes and I didn't trust my gut. But worse of all, she was right.

And that hurt the most.

P.S. Anyone has a copy of T.H. White's The Once and Future King? It's an Arthurian legend book. Really like to read it.

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