Wednesday, 23 September 2009

That So Few Now Dare To Be Eccentric, Marks The Chief Danger Of The Time. - John Stuart Mill

What is the difference between...

...award and prize? and present?

...killer and murderer?

...laptop and notebook?

Believe me, there is a difference. Was just wondering if anyone had these random thoughts running through their heads like it's running through mine.

I need help for my story. It's a typical spy one where the main characters are three girls in their early twenties. Got the plot just about right but can't figure out a handy bioweapon. Melinda suggested that they know about a BW just not what it can do. I kinda like that plot line but I'm rather inclined to know everything about the BW beforehand. I also need to set out some events in a good timeline.

I'm not making sense, am I?

Anyway, if you got any suggestions, let me know.


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