Sunday, 10 January 2010

Distinction Is The Key To Success or What Makes You Stand Out From The Crowd

I am distinct.

Not unique. Distinct.

You might wonder what the distinction between the both are, but I assure you, there is a difference. Distinct is defined as "distinguishable to the mind or eye as discrete" while unique means "being without a like or equal". People like to declare themselves as unique, that there is not one person like them in the world. Indeed, I can't fully blame them; people around them, parents most often, tell their children that they are unique, individuals, special.

But if you think about it, just a little deeper, you'll realise that at the core of it, everyone is just like everyone else. Sure, they look different in terms of physical appearance, but what makes us, us is the influences around us. People are shaped by the surrounding factors. Some people might feel attracted by a certain factor e.g. a rock band while others might be influenced by another factor e.g. a boyband. Since unique is being without a like or equal, how can we declare someone as unique if they've got the same interests as a thousand other people?

There's a riddle that goes:

God does not see it; a king seldom does.
Constantly encountered, but oft not recognised.

Answer: An equal.

Only God is unique.

We may not be unique, but we are distinct. We share common interests, but there is still a part of us that is very likely to have almost to no contact with other people. That is the essence of ourselves, the tiny part that is fully us, unshaped and uninfluenced by anyone else.

I am distinct.

Take a stand.

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