Monday, 4 January 2010

IQ Score - IQ Score

Yay! And when I went and checked what my score stood for, I was cheering again.


Because 120-140 is Very Superior Intelligence!!!

Last time I checked I got 115 which was Superior Intelligence, so I'm not sure if my IQ rose or if I'm getting too used to the questions and therefore it seems easier.

I'm going with the first option.

Oh, and here's the page I looked at in case you wanna know.

I liked this bit.

High IQ & Genius IQ
Genius IQ is generally considered to begin around 140 - 145, representing ~. 25 % of the population (1 in 400). Here's a rough guide:
115 - 124 - Above average (e.g. university students)
125 - 134 - Gifted (e.g. post-graduate students)

And it goes on but what do I care? At age 17, I, a Pre-U scholar, has the IQ of a post-graduate student. Haha.

Anyway, the reason I'm doing this is because there's a 10 year old genius in our Jan intake who is most likely going to be in our class. His name is Ainan Cawley and his dad's a Physicist. Apparently his two younger brothers are geniuses (genii) as well so it's going to be OMG.


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