Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Lamer

Note to self: Don't screw the bloody cap on my water bottle tightly because it's murder trying to unscrew it later when I want a drink. My forefinger and thumb is starting to peel. But the thing is, I can't help but screw it tightly 'cause I'm paranoid that if I don't, the bloody thing is going to leak water into my bag if I put it sideways.

Alright, first day of class. Came early and everything. Went into the room. Made some friends aka Yvonne, Fiona, Shar, Ee Lyn, Xin Yi (I think that's how you spell it), another Daniel, Kit and Yen. So we were there, waiting for the Maths teacher for one hour until a HELP aide finally showed up and said class was cancelled 'cause the teach had emergency leave. So everyone gumbled a bit and this guy sitting near the door (later found out that his name is Mark) asked the aide in a conspirating voice, 'Pregnant ah?'

Daniel (will refer to him as Meng from now on) and I decided to get something to eat, and we met Ee Lyn and her pal on the way, and she bought us to the cafeteria beneath Wisma E&C. The economy rice was not bad, quite cheap, and they also sold chee cheong fun.

Meng opted for the rice while I decided against eating 'cause I had a large breakfast. Then Fiona, Yvonne, Elle (yes there is another girl called Elle - thank God I intro-ed myself as Ely. And again, even the Chem teacher Ms Kana pronounced her name as Ellie. Gosh, people it's ELLE like the letter! L!), Lee Shean-Woei and Keisha (I think her name was) sat with us and then came the great epidemic that was bound to hit college kids sooner or later: The Contact Exchange Disease (CED). We were exchanging contact numbers like no one's bloody business but after all that, felt bored and so I left for the next class: Chemistry, in the lab which was named Curie Science Labs after Marie and Pierre Curie.

Sat at the tables outside, then ate a nut bar 'cause I was hungry. Finished it just as Meng and Ee Lyn entered, and a girl approached our table, asking if we are in Group B like she is. Turns out she's Su Peen from Korea and she's here for six years to study. So we started talking and all and went into the chem lab together.

Sitting at my table was Fiona, Yvonne, and Su Peen. In Chem, Ms Kana made us write down our general biodata and hand it up to her. Questions included name and conatct number, email address, parents' name and number, course we wish to take and what university. I wrote Biochemistry and University College Dublin. She then proceeded to tell us what we would be studying and all that as well as rules and regulations. Must wear lab coat. Must have goggles. Must wear close-toed shoes. Must wear long pants. Break any of these rules and it's get the hell out of my class.

Afterwards, she went through the biodata list and called us up to introduce ourselves, where we are from, where we stay and asked us to say something interesting about ourselves. In the beginning people were clapping, but by the time it came to me, they stopped. And Ms Kana was really funny and witty and smart. She's got a Bachelor of Science (Hons) and a Master of Science (Biochemistry), the exact same course I wanted to go for. I knew this 'cause in the paper she gave us which had our topics and all, a small bit at the beginning had her name and qualifications.

When she found out there were 3 pediatrician-wannabes (Ee Lyn was one of them) in our class, she nodded to herself. 'So that means I can leave my kids with you to babysit lah?' Yeah, you get what I mean. Khoo Jun Kit (remember him Puay Chai leavers? One of the smartest kids in school.) wrote on his biodata (Which university you wanna go to) and answered, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, which ever university that loves me. Perasan-ed lah.

When it came to my turn I was a bit nervous 'cause I absolutely loathe these sort of getting to know you thing. But what the heck.... When she called out my name (mispronouncing it as usual) I corrected her before comprimising, 'You can call me Ely.' So I started with, 'Can you guys hear me?' 'cause you know I speak damn soft. A couple of guys (one of them I later knew as Andrew) gave me the thumbs-up.

'Hi, I'm Elyssia, but since people mispronounce my name all the time, you can call me Ely. I'm from SMK Taman SEA in PJ but I live in KL, don't ask me why. I am planning to go for Biochemistry in the future--'

Ms Kana cut in. 'Hey, I did biochemistry as well! You're just like me.'

So I laughed a bit and said, 'Yeah. And I'm planning to go to University College Dublin which is in Ireland or somewhere in Canada. I don't want to go to Australia because lots of people are going there and New Zealand is a bit too isolated. And UK and US is just...well,' and I gave a you-know-lah type of shrug even though I meant it as a I-don't-know-what-the-hell-to-say-so-yeah. And I sat down, the whole class started clapping for me again!!!


After that we had lunch and I went back to cafeteria to eat economy rice and met up with Fiona and Yvonne. Also met with Andrew, Rachel and Alex. Started the CED again. Andrew even remembered my name. He tried pronouncing it and then when I started to correct him, he was like, 'Wait. You told us to call you Ely, right?'

Nice. At least he tried pronouncing it.

Then went back to Curie Science Labs for Physics. This time I was smart and took the front table. Teach was Ms Shirley. We did the introducing thing another time, and when it was my turn I said my name, and that I liked Physics 'cause I had a good teacher (didn't mention that it was a tuition teacher, but hey, Mr Yeoh was a genius) and that I hoped to continue my Physics with that same like. Then she chuckled a bit and said, 'Wah, giving me pressure ah!'

After that she asked us if we had any questions. Andrew (I think) asked her age; she deferred it by saying that she was much, much older than us though she looked quite young. Early to mid thirties, I'd guess. Then she mentioned she's just started working here and she was the only female Physics lecturer in HELP. She then revealed that she had a daughter, seven weeks old. Everyone was a bit surprised 'cause, c'mon, her kid's seven weeks old and she's here teaching us? She explained that she had to since it was Jan intake, and when further probed, mentioned that her mother-in-law was caring for the kid.

Then someone asked her why didn't she bring the kid to work, and she shook her head, 'I don't have to. She's here,' tapping her head. So sweet I tell you! Then someone asked the kid's name, and she looked around, saying, 'We got a student here called Ely right?' Fiona pointed to me; again, she couldn't pronounce my name hence the Ely title. Ms Shirley nodded. 'Yeah, my daughter is called Elizabeth (pronounced Elle-lizabeth instead of the traditional E-lizabeth). My husband choose one. Yerr.'

The whole class burst out laughing.

After that she gave us a refresher and gave us some exercises regarding some prefixs and uncertainty. When that was done, we went home.

Oh, btw, went down earlier to pick up my sis from the car. It was raining, and the dog was barking like hell so I chained him to the door and let him in. Then I went and refilled his water and came back hurriedly when I heard my dad honking since he was dropping off my sis before picking up my mum. So I left the sliding door open and grabbed the umbrella, ran to the gate (which I'd unlocked earlier) and pushed it open to run out to the car. I held the umbrella in front of the passenger door and my sis was gesturing wildly at the sliding door. I turned around, saw my dog standing in the porch (still chained to the door, though with the rain and all you can't see the chain properly) and he was barking again. My sis was still gesturing wildly and I shouted at her, 'He's already chained up!'

One thing you need to know: my dog is the gentlest dog in the earth but let him out of the gate without a leash on and he bloody runs around like it's his personal playground. Seriously, we've gone through it many times where someone left the gate open accidentally, and since we don't usually chain the dog, he shoots out like a streak of lightning, and he goes around the whole bloody neighbourhood and refuses to come back till he's done. So he can run out like early morning and return at eleven at night. It's bloody frustrating, especially to Dad who had to run around to catch him. Coaxing the dog with food does not work. He'll only return when he's done.

Finally got sis out the car and when I was locking the gate, she told me that Dad was close to having a coronary because he thought the dog was free and he kept yelling at my sister, 'The dog's not tied up! He's not tied up!' and he was a bit hysterical apparently 'cause he thought dog was gonna escape again. Sis and I were laughing at that.

Alright, Eng Hoe's gonna murder me for writing a long post again but I can't help it so shut up yeah? All of you, tell me how was your first day of college right?


P.S. Eng Hoe asked if Meng was a potential bf just 'cause I keep on mentioning him. The thing is, he's the first friend I made on orientation and we've hung out since. But today he decided to go hang out with another bunch (since all the new friends he's making are girls, thanks to me) and I felt a bit betrayed (even though I had no reason to be since it's totally his choice and I can't force him to do anything) so no, he's not bf potential.

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