Friday, 1 June 2007

Hey everyone. Today me pal Danika helped me make this new blog (for some reason; I'm not a blog fanatic) and she's helping me to customize everything. Yeah, yeah, I'm a dunce at all this computer stuff. Must remember Cool site for uploading songs into yr blogs. Never knew how to do that before.

Before we go any furthur, my name is Taylor Ashford. I'm a spy working for Spyz Agency. (Yeah, right) And I am nearing the elite level. (everyone, roll yr eyes to show we know she's a liar).

That's me, the lying spy wanna-be. But, hey, what's it to you? I mean, who gave you the authority to judge what I write or don't write? It's my life to live, not yours, buddy. Besides, if anyone'sdoing any judging, it's gonna be me.....and Danika.

By the time you've read until this paragraph, you will probably understand that I am talking crap. Yeah, the first blog entry and I'm talking crap. What am I thinking? Well, not clearly would be at the top of my list.

So anyway, thanks for listening in on 'TalkUStuff' Channel. This is your host, Taylor Ashford. Thank you, and good bye.


spittfire_iam said...

hoo wow. i like ur blog. blue suits u ^^

btw. u got my main blog url wrong la. its

u can rearrange the page elements too. just go customize. drag and drop.

now. call me si fu. XD

Glowee said...

Oh mi goshhhhh
Da whole blog is full of words
my eye's da victim

Oh btw, my blog link !
*jeng jeng jeng*

*kua kua kua*

link me ah!

eh get a cbox, damn ma fan la, hafta come in here to leave comment

Oh oh! One last thing hahahha
leave msgs in da cbox yea when u visit my blog xD

maG said...

hey, taylor. or elle. wahahahha.