Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The Spyz Agents: Taylor's Story of Origin.

Taylor looked out of the window, watching her friends playing in the snow outside. Danika and Sam were busy making forts in the snow, while Daniel, Nathan and Brodie were making snowballs for the fight later on. Turning her head, Taylor directed her attention to Mitch and Elliot Aidan, the only pair of brothers who were captains of their own teams.

She watched as Mitch and Elliot wrestled in the snow, laughing to their hearts' content. Without thinking, Taylor's mind flew back to the last time she was as happy as the Aidan brothers. Without thinking, she let her guard down, just to savor some memories otherwise long forgotten.
It happened three years ago. Taylor had taken a couple of weeks off from work. Wanting to do some brother-sister bonding with her twin, she had roped Leo into meeting her on top of the hill behind the house, overloooking that particular piece of land. Leo was strangely reluctant to do so, but Taylor understood. He had always been that way ever since their mom died on their eighth birthday.

No matter. In the end Taylor managed to get him out of the house. She could see him now: red hair, blue eyes, wearing a plain cotton shirt and his hooded jacket. He was wary of the whole plan, which was normal considering that the twins were constantly hunted their whole life because of their mother, who was the Director of the FSB (Russian Intelligence) before she died.

Despite her previous eagerness, Taylor was also experiencing butterflies in her stomach. She loved her twin to bits, more than she could ever love anyone, and she'd sworn to protect him forever, but now it seemed that no matter what she did, every decision she made, it always ended up with him getting separated from her.

But she needn't have worried. Despite some initial awkwardness, the twins hit it off wonderfully. It was so much fun that they made a pact to do it again soon. Real soon. Taylor even extended an invitation for Leo to visit her in Spyz, a thing she's never done with a family member before. Taylor smiled at the memory.

At that moment, she heard someone calling her name. 'Tay,' Danika yelled. 'Someone's here to see you.'

'Be right down,' Taylor yelled back, grabbing her coat. When she reached the foyer, she took a closer look at the visitor. 'Leo? Is that really you?'

What happened to Leo? Find out in the next episode of 'Taylor's Story of Origin.'

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