Friday, 8 June 2007

Weird And Crazy Dream

A few nights ago I had this weird dream. I'm at this mall, where I'm looking down at this walkway with electronic shops on both sides. All of a sudden, Emma deLauro and Shalimar Fox from Mutant X (Lauren Lee Smith and Victoria Pratt respectively) appear right in front of me. It's kinda like I knew them or something.

Then we saw these lizard look-alike creatures coming towards us from the other end of the walkway. And then Emma turned to me and said, 'We need the Body Fibre. Where is it?'

I went like, 'I don't know, I had it earlier.' [Later when I was more awake I kept running the dream thru my mind and I was really surprised that I knew the female members of Mutant X. Also later I typed 'Body Fibre' into and nothing came up! Whoa!]

To continue, I turned around and found myself face-to-face with Daniel Rivers, a character in my Spyz Agents story, and he had his arm in a sling. And the sling was the Body Fibre [wtvr the thing was] which he had taken from me. For some reason the words, 'The Body Fibre is extremely soft to the touch' keep coming to me whenever I think about this part.

Neways, he gave me the BF and I passed it to Shal, who [somehow] managed to get the thing onto us like a second skin. [By the way, I hv no idea what BF can do. Dun even noe why we're supposed to wear it. If u hv any suggestions for the purpose of BF, pls let me noe.] And then me, Emma and Shal were grouped together, Emma in front of me and Shal.

All of a sudden, Emma had this type of gun in front of her [again, I forgot how the gun looks like, but I dunno what it does, and it's kinda funky-looking. That much I can remember.]

Anyways we were grouped like this: Emma was in the front, holding the gun. Me and Shal were behind her, one hand on her shoulder. All cloaked in Body Fibre. And as the lizard thingies started running towards us, Emma shot them while me and Shal directed her to any stray lizard guys.

Then suddenly we were running backwards. Daniel Rivers is gone. We started running up an escalator. I couldn't see Shal but I still had one hand on Emma's shoulder. Then we saw a huge swarm of lizards-menace coming down the escalator. For some reason then, I suddenly realized I was telekinetic [must be the after-effects of thinking about X-Men too much. I even went so far as to go and write a whole new sequel for X-Men.]

So, as I was telekinetic, I grabbed Emma's arm and telekinetically lifted her up. So we were basically levitating. And I was like, 'OMG! I'm telekinetic!'

The rest of the dream's a little fuzzy, but I remember [vaguely] having gone to some place which looks eeriely like my school, and then from there we went on to this castle thingy and ended up in this olden days Chinese chalet where someone wanted to kill us. Along the way I remember Marc St James [from Ugly Betty] along the road.

Will someone let me know if I'm hallucinating?

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