Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Let's Make It Official!!!!!!!!

Today yours truly brought choco-chip and walnut muffins to skool for Erina and Megan. Then crap lah, McSteamy just had to go ask PJ Teacher whether today got PJ or not. I was so mad at her coz I didn't wan to go PJ [It's the two periods b4 recess!! Can u believe it?!!!] So neways I told Erina quite seriously tat if she really went and ask teacher and teach say got PJ I wont belanja her the muffin anymore.

I think she tot I was joking.

So we went and ask Teacher and she said got, so I told McSteamy, 'No more muffin for you.' And she tot I was joking again. Then we went back to class, me in a bad mood. When Megan arrived, and Angela, Candice and McSteamy were crowded around [we always crowd around me and McSteamy's tables. More sociable coz next row to us, Candice and Angela were behind us while Megan and Yi Jing were in front.]

So in front of everyone I told Megan, 'Meg. These two muffins r 4 u.'

Mighty Megan almost fell down in excitement. 'Thank u thank u thank u!'

At that moment Erina McSteamy lets out a loud, 'Wui!!!!!!!'

HAHA! Neways, in the end I relented and gave McSteamy half of the muffin. Everyone said it was yummy. FRIDAY IS.............

APPLE PIE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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