Wednesday, 6 June 2007

The Spyz Agents: Taylor's Story of Origin [Part 2]

Taylor stared at her twin brother. Leo was wearing what he always wore: hooded jacket and shirt. His red hair was untidy, and his facial expression was tense. But his eyes showed her an emotion that Taylor knew was forbidden within the family.

It was one of fear.

Shaking her head, Taylor silently led her brother into her room. Sitting down on her bed, she looked at her twin again. 'Leo,' she began softly. 'What happened?'

Leo turned to his sister. Their whole life, she had always been there to protect him from everything. Monsters under the bed when they were kids, bullies who resented their intelligence in summer camp, senior officers in the military facility who didn't like their connection to two of the topmost generals in Russia. Yep, Taylor was always there for him.

Taylor touched her brother's cheek gently, concern evident in her eyes. 'Leo, if there's something wrong, you know that you can always tell me. What happened?'

Strangely now, Leo was reluctant to speak. All he wanted was to cuddle up to his sister, reminiscing their childhood today, and just...Leo inhaled, relax. Just relax.


He opened his eyes. No matter what happened, he had to tell her the truth. 'Taylor...' he stood up and started pacing. 'Taylor, he's....he's back.' He spat out the words in disgust and, Taylor noticed, fear.

'Who?' Taylor rose to her feet, her hands holding Leo's face, forcing him to look into her eyes. 'Who's back?'

There was a suspicious hint of moisture in her brother's royal ice blue eyes. He blinked quickly, refusing to break down. When he opened his eyes again, they were cold. Very cold.

'It's Viictor Graham,' he said, his voice sharp, as his eyes steeled. Taylor looked back at him with the same, cold eyes. 'It's Victor Graham,' Leo repeated coldly. 'The man who killed Mom.'

P.S. The reason why I changed Zachary Potter's name to Victor Graham is because a) My friend who read the post wanted me to give him a different name and b) because I just realized that I'd already changed his name to Victor Graham in my main story [The Spyz Agents] but I forgot what name I gave him.

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spittfire_iam said...

so far so good. but just a suggestion: maybe later in the story u should put in exactly how their mother died. write out the scene.