Sunday, 10 June 2007

The Spyz Agents: Taylor's Story of Origin [Part 4]

'Look, Taylor, are you sure about this?'

'As sure as I'll ever be,' Taylor replied. She took out what resembled a suitcase from her bag, but Leo recognized it as an M24 Sniper Weapon System. Silently, he watched as his sister started assembling the weapon. She attached a telescopic sight complete with detachable iron sights onto the M24. When she was done, she started working on her Beretta 501 sniper rifle. It was made in Italy, and it had been her fifteenth birthday present from her uncle Ambrose. Loading it with bullets, Taylor turned to her brother. 'Are you okay?'

'Yep,' Leo showed his sister the Heckler & Koch PSG1 he'd brought along. He bought the German-made sniper rifle a couple of years ago when he went after Yoan Nguen, a man who was responsible for killing five of his friends when Nguen set explosives on the buidling where Leo's pals were partying.

'Good.' His sister wasted no time. 'Let's go.'

The twins were on the top part of an abandoned church situated several hundred yards away from the house Victor Graham had occupied for the time being. Taylor had situated several other rifles at different places of the church, most of them aiming for either vital/danger spots, places Graham would probably be in case of an attack, and important exit points for a clean getaway.

They were controlled by a remote control. Besides that, the telescopic vision of the rifles also doubled as cameras that allowed Taylor or Leo to see what was happening at all times. By pressing several buttons on the remote, the twins could move the guns around to get better views.

Leo picked up his gun and slung it over his shoulder. Taylor did the same with the Beretta. Holding the M24 in her gloved hand, she threw something to Leo. It turned out to be a Sig Sauer P226. Leo grinned. 'Time to play.'

'Not quite,' said a voice. The siblings swung around, guns in the air. 'Who are you?' Leo called out. There was the sound of someone laughing softly, accompanied by different snickers. Taylor cursed inwardly as she realized there was more than three people present. She didn't recognized the voice. Which meant it had to be a stranger. Silently, she signalled to Leo to switch the scope to night vision.

Yep, there were more than three people alright. Taylor peered through the scope, trying to make out who it was. When she saw who it was, she couldn't help but gasped. She leaned her head backward. 'Damn!'

Who is the mysterious group of people who are bent on jeopardizing the twins' mission to avenge their mom? Find out in the next episode of The Spyz Agents: Taylor's Story of Origin [Part 4], brought to you by TalkUStuff Channel.

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