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The X-Men: The Future Generation

Okay b4 anyone says anything I do not own the Marvel characts. [Alot of fanfics I see write this disclaimer so I tot it would be best if I did the same] It's generally about the kids of the X-Men: the second generation of the whole mutant thing ok? Thanks to my good friend Timmy I managed to get quite alot of ideas. Hmmmm, maybe Silver Surfer's [Norrin Radd] kids make a cameo in this fanfic?


Jay Summers was feeling chipper. He had just asked Nessa out on a date, and she said yes. All he need now was some sponsors for the date.

Namely cash.

He had it all planned. Walking confidently, Jay barged into his brother's room. 'Ari, I need to borrow some cash....' his voice trailed away when he found himself talking to an empty room. 'Ari?' Jay walked towards the adjoining bathroom hesitantly. 'Ari? Are you in there?' He knocked on the door and it opened with a creak. It was empty.

Jay sighed in exasperation. At that moment Ari walked in. 'Jay?' he sounded confused. 'What the hell are you doing in my room?'

'Ah,' Jay smiled. 'I need to borrow some money. I'm taking Nessa out.'

Was it his imagination, or did Ari seem reluctant? 'Jay, I can't,' Ari winced. 'I'm bringing Tia out.'
'Wait a minute,' Jay blinked. 'Tia? As in Spitfire Tia?'

Ari grinned. 'Do you know another Tia?' He grabbed his jacket. 'Sorry, but this time you're flying solo.' He left the room, leaving Jay with his mouth hanging open. Ari was dating Tia? God, what the hell is happening with the world?

Fuming, Jay retreated to the rec room, where Heinz, Edward, Reina and Max were playing Monopoly. 'Hey, Jay-Jay,' Reina called. 'Monopoly. Wanna play?'

'Nah, I'll pass,' Jay said, positioning himself against the windowsill. Damn, how was he gonna bring Nessa out today?

All of a sudden, an envelope dropped right in front of his face. Jay looked up. Alix was standing in front of him. 'It should be enough,' she said.

It took Jay two seconds to realize she was talking about the envelope. Picking it up, he opened it and found it full of cash. 'Alix, I................'

His sister held up a hand to silence him. 'Don't say a word. I'm just doing it so that I won't have to suffer from your emotions any longer. Now please-------GO!'

Grinning, Jay kept the cash and strolled out of there, whistling. Alix exhaled. One problem solved. Without watching where she was going, she found herself walking into the elevator leading down into the sub-levels, surprising her parents and the rest of the first X-Men in the War Room. 'Oh, sorry,' Alix said hastily. 'I just uh, I'll be going now.' She turned to leave, but Scott Summers spoke up. 'Alix, stay.'

Alix blinked. 'Huh?' Okay, she's telempathic, but she didn't see that coming.

'Stay,' Scott said again. 'I want you to see something.' He beckoned his daughter closer to the table. 'What do you feel about it?'

Frowning, Alix thought it was a strange question, but the next second she realized that her father was asking her what she felt about it, literally. Alix closed her eyes as a wave of emotions embraced her. 'Something's wrong, is it?'

Next to her, Rahne Sinclair nodded. 'Aye. Scanners picked up a certain someone. Namely--'

'Erik Magnus Lensherr,' Storm finished. 'Magneto.'

'As I was saying,' Scott continued. 'We think that Magneto is--' he looked at his daughter. 'Alix? Is something wrong?'

Alix had her eyes closed, eyebrow furrowed as thought battling against some unseen enemy in her head. She relaxed after a while. 'Yeah, I'm fine,' she said, willing her breathing to stay normal.

Logan had a gentle expression on his face. 'Maybe you should sit this one out, kiddo,' he said quietly. Alix nodded. 'I think I will. Thanks, though, for everything.'

Her dad flashed her another smile before continuing his conversation with the X-Men. Alix escaped from the War Room, skidding to a stop around a corner as she slowly reached out with her mind. The War Room was filled with mild bemusement, but it was nothing Alix couldn't handle. She knew she felt something back there, some New Mutant presence. Only thing was, this New Mutant didn't feel at all New.

She knew that something was going to happen soon. Something bad.

Hesitatingly, Alix checked out the rest of the hall. All clear. Focusing on her power, she bent and refracted the light around her, rendering her invisible. Grinning, she made her way down the hall.

This was a little secret she'd never revealed. Alix had been Chromatic ever since she was eight ten years ago. It meant that she was able to manipulate light to her purpose, be it making her invisible, shooting lasers, or even creating flashes of light bright enough to blind someone.

Cautiously, the now-invisible Alix walked towards the Cerebro Chamber. From what her parents told her, Cerebro was made by Professor Xavier and Magneto. But it had been almost six years since Prof. X died trying to stop his son David's evil personality Lucas [confusing, huh?] from killing the mutants in the school. Magneto, in the meanwhile, was now in hiding, but from what she sensed from Scott, he was now quite active.

And I wonder why? Alix thought as she stopped in front of the Chamber. She became visible again, this time using her Illusionists powers to conjure an image of Prof. X in front of the eye scanner.

Actually, she really didn't have to go through that much trouble. She could've just astral projected herself into the Chamber, but Alix wasn't ready to risk it again. The last time she did that, she got yanked back telekinetic and telepathically into her body when her mom found out what she did. Apparently, her mom was wondering why she [technically, it was her body] was crouched at the base of the wall with her pupils turning black instead of the blue they were.

Alix would've gotten herself grounded for life if she hadn't erased her mom's memories. For some reason, she wasn't cool when people found out little things about her.

Neways, the scanner read Prof. X's pupils and granted him access. Smiling, Alix entered the Chamber, the sliding doors closing silently behind her. Kneeling down, she put on the headset, and for the second time in her life, allowed her defenses to dissappear, her telempathic abilities to broaden.

Gasping for air, Alix was pulled into another place, where she saw people and mutants, combined. People showed up in black-and-white, but mutants were in colour. Her gaze landed on Emma, her sister who was in Massachusetts; on Ari and Tia, who were watching a movie together; on Jay and Nessa, eating ice cream at the shop around the coner; on...

No, Alix's instinct told her. It simply wasn't possible. But it was.

She saw David Charles Haller, Xavier's son, and Magneto, and another guy whose name she didn't know, but the answer came to her a second later. Optical.

Alix inhaled, but stopped mid-breath when she heard a familiar voice calling her.

Alexzandria, help me.

Alix blinked again, ready to pull the headset off, when she recognized the voice. It was familiar, a voice she hadn't heard in six years, but still familiar nonetheless.

'Professor Xavier?'

hehehehe, what's gonna happen next? Tune in for the next chapter of The X-Men: The Future Generation.

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