Thursday, 8 October 2009

Debates and Irish Radios

I'm so keen on learning the Irish accent (well, Dublin actually, like Katie McGrath's Southern Irish one) that I'm actually listening to an Irish Radio station. It's the RTE Radio 2. Go check it out. I doubt many of you will but hey, to each his own.

Was chatting to Lou. Désolé, Lou, for introducting you to slash. Thank God you don't mind, because most of these slash are quite...graphic. I'm going to pasar malam this evening! It's a big deal because I've not been to pasar malam for ages since I started secondary school. Okay, not for ages but very rarely. The last time I went was early this year. Anyway, we're going there to get me a torchlight. I've already got one, but my paranoia is kicking in, and I want a torch that's handy enough for me to whack someone if the need arises.

Blame it on the Relic Hunter and Alias episodes. Besides, Dad's really agreeable. I think he kinda supports my paranoia tendencies, or, as he calls it, 'Eye for Details'. I coverted the really nice 100plus penknife he won, and when I was snooping around the house for matches (yes, my arsonist tendencies emerges occasionally) and found a cheap lighter, he showed me his own (quite old) black-and-gold coloured lighter. Unfortunately, these two were out of gas, and so the next thing I knew, he got me my own Cricket lighter! In Blue! Scares my sis when I'm playing with it though. She's always afraid I'd burn the house down.

So today we're going to get me a nice, whack-handy torch. It's going to be nice and slim that I can carry anyway. At least if I'm trapped somewhere I can use it. Note: Must refresh memory on Morse code to learn to flash SOS.

Was chatting with Xian Yao, talking about college which led to a huge debate about the cultural clashes between Asian and Western. I like Xian Yao. He's cool, and he's probably one of the few people I know that can actually debate intellectually with me. It kinda stimulates my brain to think from a different point of view. Tim is another. Lou's a third. When I'm talking to them, they can understand what I'm saying. I don't really have to break it down for them. It's like we're on the same wavelength or something.

Besides, all four of us (from my point of view, anyway) we're different in our own way but so similar in others. We all like learning, we can hold intellectual conversations (something which I really hunger for), we can theorise. Basically I think we have that "What If?" chromosome embedded in our DNA. The saddest thing in the world is to see man getting so comfortable with their surroundings they can't be bothered to improve themselves.

Oh, oh. I also added an Irish Clock and a Malaysian Clock so yeah.


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