Wednesday, 14 October 2009

What's My Name Again?

Well, it's been interesting. Went to school. Surprisingly, a large number of people turned up. We were slightly annoyed that we were transferred to 3 Lili instead of going back to our own class. But then the annoyance grew when we entered the class, and lo and behold, electricity was sucked dry and the fans and lights didn't work! So we spent four hours plus in school feeling hot.

Was trying to study chem but failed miserably because it was just so noisy in class. I went to the facilities during English and when I came back, Pn Doreen called me over, asking me what is my name. I think I gave her a wth? look because she explained, Xian Yao sitting in front of her, that it seems she had been mispronouncing my name for 2 years plus. So I had to say my name (with held from Xian Yao, you told her she was mispronouncing my name, right?) and she managed to get it.

Then she was saying that I should've corrected her in the beginning, but I kept quiet for two years straight. At this moment, I just gave a dry smile and went back to my place.

You wanted to know why I didn't bother correcting you? Yeah, it's because of this: I could correct you today, but the next time it's back to Alicia. And then I have to correct you again, and it's all fun and games, then the next time you say my name, it's back to Alicia and I'm tearing my hair out trying to not to commit murder.

'It's pronounced Ee-LEE-sia. Not Alicia. Not Alyssia. EEEEE! It starts with a bloody E, dammit! What's wrong with you people?!'

Inhale, exhale. Do those breathing exercises they always get the pregnant ladies to do. Inhale, exhale. I'm calm now.

To continue, one thing I really dislike (but can't be helped much) is that they always say my name in that Chinese, sing-song way. You know how it is when you're saying something you can't pronounce, you go slow and there's a pause between every syllable? Ee. LEE. sia. There's always a soft pause and, I always imagined, a nodding of heads when they say it. It's Elyssia, no pause, smooth, soothing. It's derived from Elizabeth (lovely name, Elizabeth. Good Queen Bess, Elizabeth Bennet/Swann), and, I'd like to think, the Elysian Fields in Elysium, a section of the Greek underworld where the souls of the great heroes, warriors and the virtuous are. It's essentially paradise.

If you can't pronounce my name at all, Ely (Ellie, Ally, not Eli as in Ee-Lie. But that would be cool, I think. Cool nickname for cool spelling. Come to think of it, Ely as Ee-Lie would be cool. Different from the crowd, but cool) will do just fine. Or Elle would be just as well. Note, you people. Elle is pronounced L, like the letter, not Ellie. You know, Elle Magazine? You have no idea how many people I know pronounce Elle as Ellie.

But I'd really hope that I'd be able to find someone who can actually pronounce my name right first time around, someone I've never known before. It leaves me a good impression, because you've got to be genius to pronounce my name. A Not-Must-Have-But-A-Bonus for whoever my future guy's going to be.

Or if you're Erina, Ely the Elephant is fine as well.

Only if you're Erina.

And if Erina reads this, quit talking about whips and branding and carving names and me in the same sentence because, honestly, it's really disturbing. Really disturbing.

I was really pleased that my name was so unique, but the other day I googled my first name for fun, and I was stunned. The Elyssia with a myspace, don't know who she is, and can't be bothered, but it was the one underneath that that got me.

Can you say, WTH?

I can't hear you...


Thank you. Now you understand my frustration.

I've stopped searching for my name. It's devastating.

Brand New Day - Ryan Star. Go check. It's the Lie to Me theme song. Now I can pretend I'm Cal Lightman, with all that British attitude and his forever hunching back. But if you google Tim Roth, he actually looks quite cute when he was younger.



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