Monday, 5 October 2009

You Don't Yell At Me One Minute And Expect Me To Help You The Next. It's Not Right.

Oh. Em. Gee.

As much as I hate using it (sounds a bit lala), it is nevertheless well-suited for the occasion.

I discovered I have LiveJournal!

And the thing is, the only reason why I did it aeons ago was because most of the Morgana sites I went to were all LJs and I wanted one as well. Only I forgot I'd made it until today, where I oh-so-cleverly (note the sarcasm) tried to create a LJ and realised that my username (PerhapsSamson) was taken. And believe me, I created it myself and there's no way there's another PerhapsSamson out there. So I signed in and voila! I rediscovered my LJ, which has been in a terrible state of neglect and decay, I'm afraid.

To remedy this I will now link my LJ to my blog. However, dear readers (which, creepily enough, includes my sister) I will not update LJ. At all. Or very much. LJ's purpose is to serve as a linking site to all my beloved Morgana fanfics. Or maybe I should just link the fanfic to my blog instead. Whatever.

Will not be blogging much due to SPM. So don't expect anything unless I've got something really hilarious to share.

And it's really crappy, how everyone says that all we need to do is suffer two more months and after that it's all over. Don't they get it? It's never over. After SPM there's college and you have to slog like you're running away from the gates of Hell, then after that you're slogging at work to get a promotion, and after retirement you're slogging to do research and buy all those bloddy health supplements so you don't expire quickly. What happened to the whole idea of living every day like it's your last?

We're really hypocritical.

And yes if you have your opinion about the issue above by all means, go ahead but don't expect me to conform to it. I am eccentric. Being eccentric means I don't have to conform to everything. Like I've always said,

Just because I have to ________(insert appropriate answer: grow up, do something) does not mean I have to like it.

I really like Morgana. Or rather, Katie McGrath. She's genius. And I'm probably fawning but I don't care.

Hilarity moment: My sister actually recommended my blog to a friend of hers to read it. When she told me I was expecting something like, Your sister, not bad wei her writing. Okay lah, maybe a bit perasan-ed but my sis actually thought her friend was going to say something like that. Wanna know what her friend said instead?

"Hey I went to your sis's blog and I found a personality quiz there!"

Enjoy the wth? looks on our faces.


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