Tuesday, 6 October 2009

What Our Devious Minds Can Plot, Our Curiosity Develops.

Was supposed to online for 2 hours a day but I think I might go over the limit here. Anyway, I've done a bit of Physics and Add Maths so I'm probably going to make up for it by doing some more practices.

It's surprising, really, how SPM is 40+ days away but I'm feeling lax. Shar recommended Memories (All We Need) by The Sequel which is really quite genius (Note: I'm using Genius as an adjective for everything I think is brilliant). Really nice. A bit acoustic-y but it fits the song.

Chatted with Timmy the whole day. Started off with his Mystic Meg prediction on FB (You and your gf will be having a new arrival...something like that). Then it went onto Burn Notice, easily the greatest show in my book, next to Relic Hunter, Alias, The Mentalist and Lie To Me. Merlin is also a top contender. Anway, we were talking about this section in the BN website where you could make spy stuff from household items and it was geniusly cool. There were wireless signal jammers and whatnot. It was brilliant, my childhood dream come true.

Okay, so maybe not exactly, but it was lovely. Like spy heaven for spy wanna-bes.

Then Tim suggested that we try to build some of the stuff. So my reply, naturally, was If you make them, I want in. Then I suggested we build a team of whatnots.

Ergo, Team Whatnot FTW was created. FTW = For the Win. Tim's idea. Mine was just Team Whatnot. Then discussion went to MacGyver who only carries a Swiss Army Knife and duct tape. And Tim mentioned that McG carried a big knapsack and when people asked what's inside, McG replies, 'Nothing. It's for the things I find on the way.'

So I said that we should do that as well. Tim just scoffed. 'As if you can find anything around here that's usable. You won't even wanna touch them even if they are.' True enough. That's when I said that's what sanitiser is for. He joked that we were going to need a lot of sanitiser then.

All in all, we were busy playing the quizzes on Burn Notice. For the BN villains, I got Con-Man while he got White Collar. Then with our devious minds, we were plotting about what does Team Whatnot do. To quote Timmy,

"We've been goin on and on abt whatnot but wat exactly is d whatnot dat team whatnot's gonna b doing xD"

Yeah. Genius right, us. Planning out the team without knowing what whatnot the team will be doing. It's a nice gesture, you know. Having a team of friends make things out of household items. It's informative and interesting. Would you prefer to make a wireless device that works using the whole sound waves thing (Physics Form 5 Chpt 1) or would you prefer to study and study without knowing or understanding it? Dunno about you, but I like working with my hands, and I learn better that way.

Like I said,

"We will reignite the fires of curiosity from one tiny spark!"

Then there's this cool quote from Burn Notice in one of the quizzes.

You get caught taking home office supplies when it's against office policy. What do you do?
1. Admit nothing, deny everything and make counter accusations.
2. Say everyone's doing it as well.
3. Say you have a reason to do so since you're bringing work home with you.
4. I forgot what it said.

Ultimately, I chose 1.

Onward, comrades, conspirators and calculators! May the pi be with you.
Drink up ya mateys yo ho! (Tim's line)


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