Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Today I Felt Down, But Cheesecake Cheered Me Up.

Yes well, I helped Mum to make the loveliest cheesecake ever. And it was delicious. For some reason, I can't stand it when people spell delicious as delish or especially as espesh. Sounds a bit rojak, no?

Yeah so was chatting with Chiau Hui during recess. Walked to my class with her and we were chatting all the way when I saw Jo outside the class and waved him in. And so the three of us started talking and Jo suddenly mentioned he still remembered I called him an idiot (albeit unknowingly, unthinkingly--refer to previous posts) and we started laughing, so I told CH what happened.

Then Jo and I had a hilarious laughing spree where I suddenly talked about Slowpoké the Talking Snail. If you'll go to my profile and scroll down you'd be able to see it.

Anyway, gotta go.


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