Sunday, 18 October 2009

Just Because I Try To Justify Myself

I like my previous blog title: Just Because. Two simple words that mean a lot of things. Mostly used by the misunderstood to justify their actions.

Just because I lie..

Just because I hate him..

Just because this, just because that.

It's the universal answer to justify one's self. This example can be seen most times in crime dramas like CSI, Lie to Me etc.

"Just because I hate him doesn't mean I killed him."

Yeah you get the point.

We justify ourselves everyday because we believe what we're doing is right. We believe that the other side is wrong. But what if the other side believes they're the ones that are in the right and we're the bad guys? What happens next?

We're at an impasse, that's what.

Both sides will not give in, they'll just keep on going. And so the war continues.

Here's the thing, though.

What if, the action you are trying to justify, isn't really that all justifiable?


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