Sunday, 11 October 2009


I am superly attached to the name Morgana I feel like naming my future daughter that. Yes, Morgana is King Arthur's half sister and she's supposed to be a witch or whatnot, but the Morgana I had in mind was the one played by Katie McGrath in Merlin. Genius.

Anyway, apparently there are 30 plus days to SPM and I'm still lax. I'm planning to wake up at what? six thirty tomorrow, spend an hour eating breakfast and then study like mad. I haven't done much progress yet! Only good news is that SPM ends a four days before my birthday so Hurrah!

What else? Ah! I used smartdraw to create my version of Morgana's bedroom in Merlin, only with some modernisation. Call me insane, call me obsessed, I'm a girl on a mission! And I did it. Only the bugger thing wouldn't print and even if it did, it's got the bloody smartdraw watermark on it. I know it's very messy and all but it's my first version so be nice.
[P.S. Unfortunately, if you refer to my cbox, I'm not supposed to link it like that so yeah, link is removed. Sorry]

Call it cacated or whatever you like, but I like my ideal bedroom to be like that. And yes, the bed's supposed to be a fourposter, only they don't have a four-poster symbol I could use. And the table in the middle is a study/meal table. I find it very interesting because nowadays family eat dinner together, but what if your family members are always out of the house? I'd rather think that inviting a friend to eat in your room is kind of intimate and reassuring at the same time, like one of your close friends you can bare all to.

And when you're imagining it in 3D (gonna try to sketch that out later?) the furniture and all are supposed to be oak and stuff, and the table in the middle is laquered rosewood. I know there's a table lamp on the table but it was supposed to be a candelabrum (the thing that holds candles), because it's supposed to be nice and rustic-looking so she (my alter ego, Morgana--yes, yes, obsession) would have lotsa candles all over the place, even a couple on the nightstand. Those circles with the I in the middle are columns, while the zig-zaggy thing in the bottom left corner is a foldable screen. Though why I wanted a screen there I don't know.

At the bottom right corner are two rooms. The top one is like her dressing room, where she's got her wardrobe and stuff. The one at the bottom (obscured by the bloody watermark) is her bathroom. The round thingy at the top left corner is the spiral staircase. Chris said it looked like a one-room thing, but hey, living in a loft isn't that bad.

Yeah, just to let you know, that even if I online, I'd doubt I've got much time to update okay? Let me finish the next two, three months and I'll bloody update every day for you. Especially on my birthday. I'll post my exact whereabouts on my birthday to give you an insight on how boring my birthday can be. Which is why I don't celebrate it.

Oh, and Halloween's coming. I kept on calling it All Hallows Eve after watching a Charmed episode where the main characters called it that instead of Halloween. I support pumpkinism.

Pumpkinism = Rights of pumpkin to be eaten, carved, and lit up solely for fulfilling man's cultural need and pleasure.
[Definition by Lou, more or less]

Till All Hallows Eve, the Beginning of SPM, the end of SPM, my birthday, and Christmas,

Team Whatnot FTW co-president-who-secretly-works-from-behind-the-scenes-to-avoid-capture,


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