Thursday, 5 July 2007

Another Bit of Something Random...

Ok I want you guys to give me comments ok? It's kinda like a survey. Just leave a comment at the cbox, regardless of whether u come by my blog intentionally or not.

1. If you could have any superpower you want [any number oso can provided you're not to invicible to kill], what will you choose and why?

2. If you could be a character in any TV show, movie, book, comic etc., who will u be and why? [You can also choose to create a new character in your comic]

3. What do you think when someone talks about freedom and perfection?

4. What is the thing that means most to you?

5. Do you choose to live in a fantasy world, provided you can live whatever fantasy you have [like being a second Superman or Silver Surfer] or would you prefer to live in the real world, where you will experience the normal things? [P.S. In the fantasy world u hv the power to decide whether you'd like to include your frenz or not]

6. What kind of a person do u think I am? Do you think I'm a sad, emo, unpredictable person? Am I easy to be frens with? Have I taken advantage of any of you? Am I cold and harsh, or naiive and innocent? Am I easy to read or too proud and arrogant to let any of you enter my life?

7. Do you think I have a future in writing? Becoz if I don't, tell me now so that I may give up the whole thing.

8. Is it possible to like someone for close to 6 years and still not let him/her go, despite the fact that you know he/she has feelings for someone else?

I'm doing all this becoz I just don't know what to do anymore. I's mad, coz my mood is linked to my characters in my stories [ask McSteamy if u dun believe!] When I'm thinking of a sad part in the story, I cry. When the character is feeling harsh and cold and guarded, that's how I am in real life. It's like.....I absorb their life force, their personalities, I'm being too involved in their lives.

But no one knows why I do that.

I'm going to tell you the reason right now.

It's because I feel there's no more hope for this world, and the only way to make everything right is just to disappear. Just erase everything. Start with a blank slate.

I get involved in fictional lives because all the main characters in my story were based on the concept that they were all the things I probably could never be. And late at night, when I'm just feeling so broken down, I just close my eyes, and fiction comes to life, and there is the only place I can hide until I face the rest of the world.

Because my dreamscape is my sanctuary.

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sweetascandy92 said...

Babe , ChiLL ! Never Fear , "McSteamy Is Here" !
Hahaha . This Doesnt Mean That I Finally Accept That WEIRD Nickname . =)

I Know How You Feel About Fictional Characters . I Was Once Obsessed With Those Too And I Get Depressed Really Easily . I Wanted To Be A Part Of That Story , Having My Prince , Super Powers , Huge Mansion & Loads Of Cash . But Then After You Finish It , Reality Hits Back . It Crashes You Down To Earth Right ? Men (Or Woman) Cannot Live In A World That Never Existed . The Longer They Are In There , Suddenly , When They Face Reality Again , They Crash Even Harder . Ever Tried Jumping Down From A High Building ? =P The Higher You Jump From The More It Hurts . =) In Fact , I Once Went Through A "Phase" . I Pointed My Finger At A Lot Of Huge Objects And Concentrated On It For Hours To Just See Whether It Would Move . AND YEAH . I Tried To Create "Spells" , Making My First Crush Fall In Love With Me . Hahaha . Fingernail Clippings , Love Potions . Guess What ? You Would Never Believe What Happened After That . IT DIDNT WORK . Hahaha . But Once I Stopped , I Was Over My First Crush . Then Guess What Again ? When I Stopped , He Fell For Me ! Hahaha . =) ANYWAY , Im Getting Off Point . Fantasy Is Just A World To Entertain Your Thoughts In . Reality Can Be Hard And Boring And Sometimes Pointless , But Thats What Everyone Has To Go Through . Take Lessons . Have A Real Life Goal . For Me , Im Just Passing Through This Life And Living It To The Fullest . I Want To Work Hard And Stop People From Suffering . I May Only Be Able To Help A Few , But At Least I Make A Difference. I Know God Will Be Happy With Me . =) He's The Reason Im Still Surviving . Try Praying . And He Will Help You Overcome This . He Helped Me Overcome My Depression Period With Junyu . Why Cant He Help You ? Pray , Believe And It Will Happen Though Sometimes It May Take Some Time . Never Underestimate Him .

Ask , And You Will Be Given . And Through Christ You Can Do All Things . And There Are People Who Care For You . A Lot . Namely Me . =) Youre A Really Awesome Girl Although You May Not Be Able To Read My Mind And Throw Me Around . =) You Have Your Own Superpowers ! Everyone Has . Who Says That Talking Isnt One ? Or Walking ? Just Because Its Common Doesnt Mean Its Not Super Right ? You Have Gifts That God Has Given You Like Your Brain And Beauty . And Im Sure There Is Loads More . Dont Dissapoint Me . I See A Beautiful Flower , Getting Ready To Bloom =)
And A Very Talented Writer , I Might Add . =)

Love Lots & Cheer Up .


McSteamy .