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The X-Men: The Future Generation [Part 3]

Just before we start I'd like to say something:-
All the members in this and other fanfictions in my blog that doesn't belong to Marvel belongs to me. Their characteristics, behaviors, even their powers or anything connected however remotely to them belongs to me. This is copyrighted. ® Hahah! So if anyone, underline anyone, tries to use them for another story [Taylor Ashford, Danika Rey, Alix Summers, and especially Christien/Christophe Perry Jaseph Ashford] no matter what character there is without my permission, you can be pretty damn sure that I'll hunt you down and blast you into oblivion. Muahahahahah!

Just thought I'd make a point *shrugs*


Jay and Nessa were just finishing their Jamaica Almond Fudge from Baskin Robbins® when this bozo in a coat suddenly went crazy right in front of them.

'Hey, mister, you okay?' Nessa asked hesitantly. The guy ignored her, and looked at his hands. One minute they were normal, the next they had disappeared. Nessa and Jay exchanged looks. Jay seemed interested. 'Nessa, do you know what this means?' he said breathlessly. 'He's a Stealth. He's a New Mutant, just like us.'

'Titus!' someone called. Jay turned to look, and blinked when he saw the same guy running towards the first. Nessa was grinning. 'I guess that makes them twins?' Jay didn't answer.

'Titus,' the first guy called again just as Titus lost control. His whole body, including his clothes became invisible. 'Titus! Don't do this.'

Nessa's eyes glowed feral gold. 'I can still see him,' she said, tracking him by Titus's body heat. She saw as he walked near a couple of empty oil drums, and her eyes widen at what happened next. 'Jason,' she yelled. 'PHASE!'

Jay phased out, but he needn't have worried. The First Guy had already sent a stream of energy flying at the oil drum that Titus had lifted and thrown at Jay, shattering it into pieces. Titus continued throwing more stuff at them, and a crate missed Nessa by inches. Another crate was thrown towards her, but she jumped, the crate hitting Titus instead. It took her a second to realise that the crate came from behind her. She swung around.

Alix was there, her hand outstretched, having telekinetically thrown the crate at Titus. 'Jay,' she called, 'you alright?'

Jay wiped the blood off a cut on his hand. 'Yeah,' he joined Nessa and his sister. 'You like the party?'

His sister threw him the keys to the Ducati. 'Go home, both of you.'

Needless to say, both were indignant. 'Look, Alix, come on.' Nessa pleaded. 'We want to stay.'

'And I say no.' Alix concluded firmly. 'Crates and oil drums are easier to explain than people going "ghost" in public. 'Go home.'

Scowling, both went home on the Ducati. Turning back to the scene, Alix sensed someone behind her. Swinging around, she gave the intruder a hard kick, only to find it blocked by the First Guy. 'Hey,' he said.

Awkward silence. He then gestured. 'Titus is gone. He disappeared. Thanks for your help.'

Alix nodded. 'Yeah,' she blinked as a new emotion came over her. Cocking her head to a side, she looked at the guy. The same realization came to them at once.

'You're a telempath!" both burst out togeher, and laughed.

'Sorry, my name's Chris. Chris Perry.' He offered his hand.

'Alix Summers,' she said, shaking it. 'So...Titus is your--?'

'Ahh,' Chris rubbed his head. 'He's my brother. Twin brother. He's a Stealth.'

Alix's eyes widen when the full meaning of the sentence sank in. 'God, Chris. I'm so sorry.'

'Nah,' Chris said, shaking his head. 'You didn't know.'

'Okay,' They lasped into silence again. Alix hesitated. 'How did he become like that?'

'I'm not really sure myself,' he confessed. 'All I know is that whenever Titus loses control, his dark side, Griffin, takes over. And he can shoot mean energy from his hands.'

'Dark anti-matter?' Alix guessed. Chris nodded. 'And judging by the look of it, Griffin's going on a city-wide rampage, and it'll take a lot to keep him down.'

Why does Chris trust Alix so quickly? What's the deal with Titus/Griffin? Is there any chemistry between Alix and Chris? Find out in the next episode of The X-Men: The Future Generation.

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