Friday, 13 July 2007

Friday 13th: People say it brings bad luck, but it brought good luck for me......

Heheh. For those who dunno, today's Friday the 13th. Legend has it that this particular day is bad luck, but dunno why, it's brought me good luck and happiness. The previous Friday 13th, I went so hyper I belanja my frens ice creams [was going to do the same today but Ko-op closed]. Today my frens did my hair up and everyone said it was nice. This is how it went:

It was Seni, supposed to draw some cartoon but got bored so never draw, working on my story. Hehe. Erina was writing oso, while everyone was drawing. Megan drew a silly cartoon about me and Timmy [watch out, Meg!] so in the end I was talking to Erina and I agreed to do a makeover thing.

Erina got out her comb and started parting my hair. Soon, Megan and Candice came to look. So did Min Yap, Angela, Audrey, Yi Jing and Yee Seng. Even Encik Ahmad Zalizan came and look, and he was teasing about, 'Apa? Di sini ada makeover kah?'

Got so embarrassed. Dunno what the rest of the class thought about it.

Then Megan and Erina started to tie my hair and clip it nicely. Felt weird but they say I look nice. Then Candice got so hyper she and Megan started saying, 'Eh! Let's call Timmy and let him see her.'

And then Uncle Dick was like, 'Okay! I go send message now!' He disappear to God knows where. And Hani and the rest of the class [okay, just my frens] came crowding around and saying, 'Ohmigod! You look so hot!'

Later after that Erina made me promise not to wear my specs and not to take out the rubber band until Timmy saw. She dashed out minutes before bell rang to teman Vania go audition for Interact thing. She's supposed to be dancing and she's in a very gorgeous dress. Classy.

Neways, Candice they all were screaming at Uncle Dick to get Timmy. Then they dragged me out and we met him half way. When Timmy saw me he was so stunned [later said via SMS: YES! The timmy was truly stunned] he stared at me for a while, all my girl pals surrounding in a half circle around me, and then he took a step back and tripped on the drain cover SERIOUSLY [u noe they put the bars on top of the drain to block ppl from falling in? Thats wat he tripped on]
Then he stumbled back, almost fell if Uncle Dick didn't catch him just in time. Later he said on MSN tat he half tot it was some kind of weird dream. And then he said something like, 'Wow! U look very nice.'

At this Candice and the rest of the girls screamed like mad leh. Then Candice guided me to the canteen and we had something to eat....and I saw my sister.

And she was like, 'Hmm, not bad. Okay what.'

Round 1: I win!

But later in the scouts' den I took it off coz felt bit weird lah...Later when I came home I switched my phone on and there was a message from Timmy saying I looked good in the new look. Hehe. He also said why I removed the rubber band so fast. Yikes. Didnt even noe he noe.

Later I sent one of his comments to Megan and she replied back, Oh thats good news! and WHY DID YOU TAKE OFF YOUR HAIR?? [Yikes, i didn't even noe she knew!] Oh you can use my clip to pin up your hair tomorrow. :) tie ah!! and ask your mom to buy for you contact lens. you look seriously hot without it. that specs of yours is preventing your hot-ness [ahem ahem] to re-unviel!!

So there you have it.

And to add to the happiness, I went online and after frustrating banging on the computer and much talking with Timmy, finally managed to upload Skin by Alexz Johnson onto my playlist so I can copy the code to paste in my link list. Maybe I'll alternate between Skin and Pick Up The Pieces very nice also by Alexz Johnson. Now I want Liar Liar, Temporary Insantity, Time to be Your 21, and That Girl. [I can only save them in playlists, so if u have the music file send to me pls!!!]


YES! I wanna thank Timmy, my supporter all these while. My school family--Uncle Dick, Reina McSteamy, Mighty Megan, Candice, Angela and everyone else---you know hu u are! I also wanna thank the Academy for giving me this beautiful award.....


Can't a girl dream for a while?!!

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