Thursday, 26 July 2007

Today Is A New Day.....Izzit?

I'm so bored. Know I should be studying for exams but can't help it. Wanna blog but got writers' block. Neways two days ago (Tuesday) after coming back from PJK still got time before recess so Candice taught us to play Hamburger. It's this game where you put your hand on the table when someone says, "GO!" and you tend to get everyone else's hand smashed on top of yours. The same thing happens to the other hand. Then the person who controlled the game [also the one who says "GO!"] says "1....2....3!" and whacks her hand down. The person who kena be the next Controller.

Yesterday Miss Lee the English trainee was nervous coz she had this supervisor coming along to evaluate her teaching performance. Having being warned the day before, I guess everyone pitied to her or something lah...Neways everyone treated her nicely and respected her. When us girls came back from KH the guys went, 'Shhhhhhhhhhhh!!!' Apparently Ms Supervisor showed up early. First time ever the class so obedient.

To cut a long story short we basically did whatever she wanted us to do lor....then we all rushed out after school. We treated her so nice and you know what comment she gave us when she came in today? "Thank you for your cooperation," she said--only her R's are pronounced as L's so it became, 'Thank you fo you coopelashun. You were veli obedient yesterday, but my supervisor said you all when school finis that time veli noisy."


That said, today we [Candice, me, Angela] were discussing something. We were in a group, but Megan and Erina went out to toilet but came back ages later and Erina had to send back the Buku Ponteng so they never discuss with us. The topic was to redesign the Recycle logo and to make sentences using modals [should, could, would, has, have....] about ways to protect the environment.

Neways, we were designing and having fun with colours. Angela had a bunch of highlighters and this really cool black ink pen which we all used Wednesday during KH. Teacher was doing something behind the Bilik Jahitan and everyone else had nothing to do so Candice let me and Erina design our own T-Shirts in Angela's book. [Apparently that was what they were doing during PJK when me and Erina were yakking with Janice.]

Megan's shirt was pink with blue polka dots with a blue cape and the words Mighty Megan right in the middle. Candice's was one with the word I Am A -censored- Candy or somethin like that. Angela's one I forgot, but I remembered Uncle Dick's shirt was a very long V-Neck one with his name on it. Erina designed her shirt to have hearts at one corner of the shirt, and her name horizontally above the hearts. Mine was a hooded thermal varsity--the T-shirt with extensions form the short sleeves in a different colour? Yep that's the one--It was blue in colour and the extensions were purple. I then used Angela's Amazing Black Pen and scribbled Future Kyd across it. It looked pretty futuristic to me.

To get back to the story, today we were designing the Recycle logo when Angela asked if I had written anymore stories. I said I haven't got a chance to but I might today. So I gave the URl of my blog and invited her to check it out.

Well if you're reading this Angela, the next story is for you.

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