Sunday, 15 July 2007

The X-Men: The Future Generation [Part 5]



The pain was getting worse, worse than it used to be. Wincing, Alix tried to lift herself up, even using her telekinesis to help, but only succeeded in sitting up against the car. Her palms were clutched against her head, and Alix was drained.

She was about to drop down again when a familiar feeling washed over her, and she smiled weakly when she realized who it was. 'Chris?'

'Hey, Lex.' Chris Perry said, helping her up. At that moment Emma rushed out of the pharmacy with a small pack of aspirin in her hand. She stopped short when she saw Chris. 'Perry. What the hell are you doing here?' then she saw her sister. 'Alix! Are you alright?'

'She'll be fine,' Chris replied, carrying Alix up and into the car. He got into the back seat with Alix while Emma sat up front. She pulled the car out of the parking spot and hit the highway.

'Okay,' Emma said sharply. 'Explain.'

Chris sighed. 'There's nothing to explain about,' he said in reply to her sentence [it wasn't a question--note the full stop]. 'I saw Alix and I stopped to help her,' he shook his head. 'You know, I'm not the enemy here. Don't be so prejudice.'

'Can't help it, Chris,' Emma spat out venomously, saying his name like a swear word. 'After what happened? You're lucky I didn't kill you then and there!' She was seething, still remembering the time he'd put them all in mortal peril.

His other personalities, Jaseph and Ambrose, had broke loose before, putting them all in danger when Jaseph, who had surfaced after Chris experienced night terrors again, brought to life drawings of a mutant he'd named Aric, who had the power of prescience. Ambrose had surfaced soon after, almost burning the Manor down with his thermal-kinesis.

In the meanwhile, being gifted with prescience, Aric managed to elude every single thing the X-Men had thrown at him, but the biggest problem now was Chris's morphing personalities. When he hit himself with a burst of quintessence aka energy, Chris split into three people: Jaseph, Ambrose and Chris himself.

Later, they managed to figure out that the only way to stop Aric from taking over the world was to tear Jaseph's drawing into half. But being all-knowing, Aric had taken the drawing wiht him when he left.

It had taken several attempts to finally get the drawing back and tear it apart. Aric disappeared into mist, but now everyone has to worry about the post-carnage destruction at the X-Mansion. After taking care of everything, Chris had gracefully bowed out, but Emma knew that her sister still wanted him to come back.

'Look,' Chris winced as his head started to throb. 'Look. I'm sorry at what happened. I know that. But can we just put aside this for Alix? Please?'

Emma sneered. 'Okay. Just don't say I didn't warn you.' She stepped on the gas. The car shot forward, jerking Chris and Alix in the backseat.

And here I thought she'd finally let it go, Chris thought wearily, hitting the back of his head against the headrest. His head throbbed even harder as they made their way back to the X-Mansion.


Jean Grey-Summers looked up from her sandwich the moment Max and Rogue came in, arguing about something that made no sense to Jean.

'The thing is, if he hadn't taken it, he wouldn't be dead,' Max was saying.

'Yeah, but he had taken it, his world would come crashing down,' Rogue argued back. 'Which will you prefer, dying, or the world being smashed into pieces?'

Jean raised a hand, like a child who didn't understand what the teacher was saying. 'Can you guys repeat that?'

Max blinked, then recovered quickly. He wasn't really good with talking to teachers. Rogue answered for him. 'We were just watching the new show--you know, Pick or Die?'

Jean frowned. 'Are we talking in code?'

Rogue let out an exasperated sigh. 'Pick or Die is a semi-reality show. It's about these kids who join a game. And in this game, they have to make choices. But each choice has its pros and cons. The last surviving kid wins. Endgame.'

Jean raised an eyebrow as she returned to her sandwich. 'Hope I'll never have to listen to that channel,' she quipped, keeping an eye on Rogue, who was frowning. All of a sudden, she paused like a statue. Max noticed. 'Dr. Grey?' he asked. 'Are you okay?'

The X-Man breathed in deeply. 'Yeah, yeah I'm fine.' She left the sandwich on the counter without taking a bite. Max and Rogue glanced at it at the same time, gleaming looks in their eyes as they coveted the sandwich. Jean could hear them yelling, but she didn't care. Because she had a bad feeling.

A very bad feeling.

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