Monday, 9 July 2007

Did you see the muffin girl, the muffin girl, the muffin girl?

Today yours truly brought muffins [extra chocolate and stuff] to skool for McSteamy, Uncle Dick, Mighty Megan and Timmy. When Min Yap ate his he was like, 'This hell of a muffin!'

I didn't noe if this was actually what Timmy said, but Min Yap said that he didn't wanna say hell, so instead he said [according to Min Yap], 'This heaven of a muffin!'

When I told Megan she laughed and said, 'Well, this earth of a muffin!'

Damn geng on how my frens can find phrases like this.

Then Angela came and saw the remaining muffin intended for Erina. She wanna buy from me, but I apologized and said it was for Erina. I made it up to her by saying I'll bring one for her tomorrow. She later gave me this yummy marshmellow thingy with grape filling. Yum!

When Erina arrived she took the muffin and started to eat when I told her how colorful Min Yap, Timmy and Megan described the 'Muffin of Paradise' as I had dubbed it. She oso laughed and said, 'Ok lah, we call Venus of a muffin!'

=.=" You tell me zhadou or not?

So then went back to class. Before that saw Jennifer and Megan in canteen, J begged me to bring one for me. Chaiu Hui oso. So, one plus one plus one equals three. Gotta bring three tomorrow.

Then later in class me and Erina went to look for Pn. Lee at 3 Lili. Met J.Y. There. He was like, 'Hey! Why you make muffin never let me eat?'

'You never ask mahh!' I said. 'Wait, how u noe?'

'That Erina come to our table [Erina and JY eats together] and eat the muffin lorrr. She go and say you make especially for her, make us all so jealous.'

=.=" 'Haihz, okok, i see can bring for u tomorrow or not lah.'

Walking back to class...

'Eh, JY say u make him so jealous when u ate the muffin lehh,' I said.

'Hehe, yalah,' Erina said. 'Make them jealous abit mah, so just tambah-tambah lor. Tell them u make specially for me.'

I could only shake my head. Erina's affection for my muffins are too *geng* oredi.

Like the other day...week....month....

We were playing Drama. We all act like some director and cast then we act out a stupid comedy. Erina was the main lead.

Erina McSteamy: [acting a les] Candice, I love you so much. Please be with me.
Candice: Ok Erina I'll be with you.
Narrator [played by McSteamy]: Suddenly Candice dropped down and dieddddddd......
EM: Candice, nooooooooooooooo........
N: After that she met with the beautiful Princess Elly. [My cue to enter the drama] She's the hottest of all the princess, and McSteamy fell in love with her. [Mimes a lovestruck person] Haihz, but so sad, the high-and-mighty Princess Elly rejected her [I mime rejecting Erina] And Erina McSteamy was so heartbroken [Erina mimes crying]
[All this while we were urging Uncle Dick to say a line, but we never knew how random he was]
EM: Why has this happened to me???? I want to love and to be loved.....
Min Yap: There's a muffin sale across the street.

Tat might not seem funny, but at the moment it was coz it was totally random and unpredictable until all of us started laughing.

Wierd drama club, huh?

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