Saturday, 14 July 2007

Why do they make us do things we don't wanna do?

Today the English teacher pissed me off. Really. It started off with me in the class with the guys [the rest of the girls went to Chinese class but dunno where Angela went]. Angela had brought a very nice fashion magazine and me and Erina were arguing and ohhing and ahhing over all the cool fashions and the seriously hot pictures of Keira Knightly. Then we were looking at Jessica Simpson [izzat how u spell it?] and someone said something about her chest [ahem ahem] very...big.

Then Candice and Erina were like, 'Haihz u think her boobs are big u should see Pamela Anderson's.' Then we turned the page and really got Pam Anderson's pix. All of a sudden me and Erina started quoting from Bend It Like Beckham: 'Our designs will make little mosquito bites into juicy, juicy mangoes!' was what a seamstress said when she was taking Jessminder's [one of the two main leads] measurements for the dress for her sister's wedding.

And Erina kept on saying, 'But these arent mangoes---more like watermelons!' Everyone cracked up.

So neways when WBS came they all went for class while I was going thru the mag to see for fashion designs to describe my story characs and all that. Pn. Zarina came in and relief, then after that the English teacher Ms Lee came in. Zarina told us to stay in class though it was her period now [KH] and Ms Lee came in to do some stupid relief. At this time Megan and the rest came back but Meg and Erina later went out to toilet.

At that time I was sick and fed-up already so never talk much, just looking abstractly at Audrey's book when the ML said we were going to discuss 'Ways to Overcome Shyness'. I was like, 'Is this really neccesary?' Then we found out she was going to teach us until SEPTEMBER!!!! Damn!

I was super mad oredi so as I said I didn't talk. Then ML came and talked to us abit about cooperating and blah blah blah wasn't really listening. Then she looked at me and ask me some stupid question. I answered it and said, 'By the way, you pronounced my name wrong.'

And ML went like, 'How do you pronounce it?' I told--and corrected--her. Later whenever she asked anyone a question she's always asking, 'How do u pronounce your name?' Haihz =.="

So then she told us about 'Modals"--words like could, would, should, has...And she told us to discuss ways to overcome shyness using the word "should" and "should not". She told us to get into groups of two people, but coz no enough ppl so some groups were trios, and she kept referring to them as pairs.

All fo a sudden she was talking about "Modals" and I was looking abstractly and she turned to me and said, 'Can u give me a sentence with the word "Should"?'

Outside I was annoyed but inside I was just waiting for the chance. I knew what I was going to say to her. So adopting an annoyed tone: 'Why me?'

ML: Coz u r smart. I know u r smart.
Me: [offhandedly, exasperatedly] People should not abuse the rights of children to profit.
[syazwani was grinning at me and so was rabiatul; both gave me thumbs up]
ML: Jonathan did u hear that? Did u hear what she said? [turns back to me] Can u repeat it for him?
Me: [still offhandedly] Why?
ML: Repeat for him. He didn't listen.
Me: [in 'and it is my problem how?' tone] So?
ML: Repeat for him.
Me: [the whole class was watching] Why?
Ml: [tsk-tsk] He never listen. [I interrupt with a 'So?'] Repeat again.
Me: [still in the same annoyed brat tone] Why?'
ML: Pls co-operate.
Me: [seriously mad oredi; I SO did not want to co-operate] People should not abuse the rights of children to profit.
ML: Okay thank u.

The whole class was clapping. Syaw and R were like, 'Kamu berani ya.'
'Ya wat,' I retorted. 'Dia mahu facts I beri dia facts lorrr. Dia ask mah.'

I'm being cheeky, and maybe I was too high on it, but me, Megan and Erina didnt do so well on the speaking assignment [oral]. So? And all the while I was thinking, 'But why should we overcome shyness? I mean if u can overcome then good. But if u cant overcome....I mean, it's what makes us unique rite, it being a part of our personality?

No one bothered to listen. Wish Uncle Dick was here. Neways the whole class hates her now. And I'm really mad.

Time for some philosophy.

Why do we, in the process of making ourselves more like...ourselves, become people we swore we never want to be? Or in other words, why are we turning into people we are not, when we are trying to be the people we are?

Man tend to complicate simple things. Why? Because Man refuses to see what is right in front of them. They are afraid of the truth. You could have a meteor crashing down onto town, and I bet that more than fifty percent of the people still think that everything's gonna be okay. They only see things they want to see, instead of what they should really see.

Why? That's the big question.

Why aren't police stepping up even though the crime rates are shooting thru the roofs? Why aren't teachers putting as much ommph into students who arent that brilliant compared to the energy they give to better students? Why are politicians who claim to help save the Earth isn't doing anything besides building new dams and nuclear weapons? Why is there war in the world? Why can we challenge authority we think isn't proper? Why do we have to be punished for doing the right thing?

Why isn't there anyone to help us?


That's the big question.

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