Thursday, 5 July 2007


Ok I'm so bored I just went and joined Bebo. U noe why? Coz when I went in I saw a lot of celebs. Alexz Johnson, Tim Rozon, Kelly idea of these people are the real deal but hey, what do i care?

Neways, I went online and made myself an account [I told you I was bored!] If u wanna see my account the URL is I opened the account and I uploaded Lauren Lee Smith's pix [same one u'll all see in my blog here]. I even issued a warning that the person in the pix is NOT me.

And again, I was looking around the site when I saw [the horror] at least 12 people claiming to be Alexz Johnson! Ok, I noe that they're all fans of hers [I'm one as well] but they really didn't have to put their names as Alexz Johnson there.

But I'm leaving the point.

Ok, the other day Uncle Dick and I were talking in class during WBS [sure u guys noe what it means] and we were on the subject of perfection. I asked him what he thought about it. He said that it was pretty sad coz there's no such thing as true perfection. In the end we came to the conclusion:

Perfection is a myth.

And so is freedom, apparently.

How many of you have felt that people in USA can wear whatever they want to go to school while we back here hafta wear stupid uniforms? Uncle Dick said that despite everything, the whole uniform issue's kinda like communism. Why? Because they want us to all look the same, act the same. Isn't there something like, oh let's say, KEBEBASAN BERSUARA?

I don't know why I'm being a grouch today. Maybe it's just because I'm feeling emo or what, but all I wanna do is just curl up in my bed, put on some emo music, maybe Oliver James' Greatest Story Ever Told, Elliot Yamin's Wait for You, or I could take the next step and listen to Antonio Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. It's kinda cool for a violin concerto. I didn't know I liked classical music.

Then after that, I'll just pull out a book and read, or I can just day dream, dream that maybe I'll find myself sinking into a world where everything sad and negative will just be erased, no more pain, just love, and happiness. Every night, I dream of things, weird things, scary things, but I know that no matter what I'll wake up with a sense of contentment.


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