Saturday, 14 July 2007

The X-Men: The Future Generation [Part 4]

Emma Jamie Summers studied the board. She frowned over the calculations, her head resting on her arm. At that moment, she heard a voice in her head. Hey, what's up?

What's down more likely, Emma thought back gloomily. I can't seem to get this equation right. Everytime I try to do a different one a different answer is produced.

The door opened, and without turning around Emma knew her sister was inside the room. 'What's the equation for?' Alix, her sister, remarked. Emma inhaled. 'Something to do with sodium hydroxide and potassium.' She caught the blank look on Alix's face, and smiled. 'I'm confusing you, aren't I?'

'Not really,' Alix took the chalk and looked at the board. Within a few minutes she managed to produce a satsifying answer. Gasping in disbelief, Emma shuffled through several sheaves of papers, comparing results. She turned to Alix. 'How did you know what the answer was?'

Alix shrugged. 'I didn't. I looked at it and I did it. You tend to complicate things, Em. Why?'

Emma breathed in deeply. 'I think I should take a break. Come with?'

'Yeah.' Walking out the door, Alix pulled on her black calf-length trench coat, while Emma shrugged into her leather jacket. Heading for the garage, the sisters stared at the rows of vehicles. 'Which shall we take?'

'I dunno,' Alix flashed a grin. 'You pick.'

Emma copied her sister's grin. 'Then I know just the vehicle.'

When Logan walked out the next hour, he stormed back into the Manor not five minutes later, yelling at everyone. 'WHERE THE HELL IS MY CAR?'


Emma chuckled. 'I can almost see Logan right now. Yelling that someone took his bike.' She turned to Alix, who seemed a bit distracted. 'Hello,' Emma said, waving a hand in front of ehr face. 'Are you listening to me?'

'What--oh, yeah,' Alix said, rubbing her head. Emma's eyes immediately flooded with concern. 'Headaches again?'

'Migrains,' Alix corrected. She blinked a couple of times, trying to stop the pain. Emma was getting nervous. 'Still hurting? Do you need some ice or something?' She spotted a pharmacy nearby and parked the car into the nearest spot available. 'Stay here,' she ordered. 'I'll be back soon.'

Alix didn't have the energy to answer. She only thought of the pain in her head. Suddenly the car was stiffling. It was suffocating her. She had to get out!

Pulling the handle, Alix stepped out of the car. It had been snowing, and white crisp snow filled the ground all around her. She was suddenly attacked by a sharp pain in her head, and she tumbled to the ground, oblivious of everything around her.

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